Introducing the STR10™ - Elevating Architectural Lighting

Dec. 21, 2023

Compact, high-speed communication, smooth dimming, high resolution.

OAKVILLE, ON. – GVA Lighting is excited to introduce their most compact and advanced, high-powered linear wall washing, wall grazing luminaire, the STR10™. It is built on GVA Lighting’s award-winning proprietary technologies, COLOR-STREAM®, INFINITY®, and COLOR-AMP®. This sleek addition to our STRIP (STR) product family is available in Monochromatic and Color Changing configurations, providing exceptional flexibility and performance.

With communication speeds up to 16 times faster than DMX, pixel resolution as low as 100 mm (4 in), liquid-smooth dimming, and transitions, the STR10™ sets new standards in lumen output and maximum circuit lengths of up to 277 meters (912 ft) including up to a 200-fps refresh rate and a12-bit dimming resolution at 40 kHz dimming frequency. Available in INFINITY®, AC, or ELV input voltages, it represents the cutting edge of architectural lighting technology.

The STR10™ has a compact design which makes it an efficient choice for spaces where size is a consideration. This is not at the expense of power though, as the device features a high-power output and an extended lighting circuit that provides outstanding lighting capabilities. With the advanced feature of Power and Data Through-Wiring, connectivity becomes seamless with leaders and jumper cables that can extend beyond 100 m (330 ft).

Flexibility is another highlight of the STR10™, as it allows for different configurations tailored to various user requirements. Moreover, this lighting device displays incredible resilience against varying temperature conditions, thereby enhancing durability and lifespan. It also comes with an IP66 rating, ensuring protection against dust and water.

These lights change the game in architectural lighting, blending innovation, flexibility, and top-notch performance to give you an optimal lighting experience like never before. Expand the possibilities of architectural lighting with the STR10™ series – where innovation meets brilliance.

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About GVA Lighting

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