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July 28, 2023
This month's focus centers on sensors, software, and hardware that support connectivity and smart lighting control capabilities.

Conversations at LightFair earlier this year were as much about controls capabilities as they were about light quality, tunability, precision light distribution, and other hot topics in the industry. Software-based energy and lighting management systems, as well as sensors and other hardware, continue to make inroads into built environments with ease of integration and commissioning as top priorities.

Toggled iQ Analytics application, Toggled

Accessed through the Toggled iQ web-based app, a customizable analytics dashboard captures data insights for setting and tracking building performance and efficiency goals. Data overlays on floor plans highlight potential outliers of efficiency in a visual map view and help determine solutions based on location using a device- and protocol-agnostic platform for all building data.


Interact Retail Multisite energy dashboard, Signify

A new feature to the Multisite management system, the Interact Retail energy dashboard provides real-time and historical information on electricity consumption of lighting and other energy loads in retail environments, such as ovens, refrigeration, and HVAC equipment. One dashboard enables programmed lighting scenes, collects and evaluates data from connected stores, and allows desirable results to be replicated remotely across additional locations.


Athena wireless processor, Lutron

As part of Lutron’s cloud-connected Athena lighting system, the ceiling-mounted Athena wireless processor connects multiple Clear Connect loads from Lutron, as well as a range of third-party devices such as occupancy, vacancy, and daylight sensors; touchscreens; keypads; and wireless remotes. The single-device processor combines all Athena cloud-connected features without requiring separate Lutron panels or hubs. The connected system receives regular software updates to maintain functionality and enable future enhancements.


CAL-CEFL12V people counting sensor, Danlers

The CAL-CEFL12V heat-based people counting sensor utilizes Calumino’s privacy-protecting thermal sensing technology and integrates Ingy’s wireless mesh network. The device can be configured with Ingy’s commissioning app and linked to enOcean switches for manual wall control. The sensor is mountable at 2- to 4-meter heights, sensing heat signatures in zones up to 70 meters square. It includes a photosensor and wired DALI control lines.


RADAR software, Madrix

Madrix RADAR software is based on Remote Device Management (RDM) over Art-Net technology (ArtRdm), which provides a bidirectional communication framework for DMX lighting fixtures to receive control instructions and send back data. RADAR enables full remote monitoring of large-scale media façade and lighting installations that cannot be easily inspected manually. It collects and manages temperature and voltage data, and creates actionable event reports for maintenance notifications.


Delta O3 Sensor hub compatibility with MHT Technologies’ Inspextor

MHT’s Power-over-Ethernet-based smart building hardware and software solution adds Delta Building Solutions’ O3 sensor hub (shown) to its supported building management device network. The multipurpose sensor detects motion, sound, light, and temperature, sending data to Inspextor for quick analysis and action by building managers. Inspextor can then trigger audible alerts, light color cues, and other responses via the sensor.


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