Grasp Lighting Group develops strategic distribution and installation partnerships with Soraa and LG Electronics

March 23, 2015
Peter V. Baker, founder of Grasp Lighting Group, LLC is please to announce 2 new Strategic Partnerships. Grasp now markets and installs the full range of Soraa 95CRI LED products through Best Lighting Supply. Grasp is also a new Strategic Partner of LG Electronics and has installed tubes and strips and high bay LGE products. Several new projects are underway using Soraa and other projects using LGE. Projects are in Florida, California, Houston and Dallas. Grasp is the Strategic Partner for LGE for all of Florida. Peter states the CRI of the Soraa product-line is incredible with a R9 of 95 and a CRI at 95 or above --most LED lamps have a CRI between 82 and 92. Soraa is Vivid. The LGE product line of tubes, strips and high bays are very well built and the ease of installation is appreciated. Peter has a 3000 mile marketing trip starting 3/23/15 to show, display, market and install these new additions. The trip includes several retail chains, manufacturing facilities, distribution facilities and independent contractors numbering over 250 locations within the USA.


Peter V. Baker - Grasp Lighting Group, LLC