LightFair International: LED and SSL company announcements and product launches - Part I

June 2, 2014
LightFair International (LFI), held this week from June 3-5 in Las Vegas, NV, is set to welcome thousands of attendees to the Las Vegas Convention Center for its program and exhibits centered on lighting, design, and technology innovation, including a lighting education program.

LightFair International (LFI), held this week from June 3-5 in Las Vegas, NV, is set to welcome thousands of attendees to the Las Vegas Convention Center for its program and exhibits centered on lighting, design, and technology innovation, including a lighting education program.

A wave of new products has been introduced in advance of the show; LED component vendors as well as lighting product manufacturers have been very active with LFI just about to commence.

LEDs, SSL components, and lighting design

Citizen Electronics COB LED Series Version 3 is UL compliant

Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd. has developed four packages (shapes) and eleven types of high-wattage LEDs for lighting, COB Series, Version 3, that provide the world’s highest level of luminous efficacy through an increase of about 14 % over that of the current model.

Luminus Devices' XNOVA Sensus COB LED arrays feature 2-step or 3-step McAdam ellipse color accuracy

Luminus Devices, Inc., has launched the XNOVA Sensus LED series chip-on-board (COB) LED arrays featuring warm white light with chromaticity coordinates targeted below the black-body locus (BBL).

Bridgelux expands V Series COBs LEDs, will show V10 and V15 devices at LightFair

Bridgelux, a developer and manufacturer of LED lighting technologies, will introduce its new V10 and V15 LED array products at LFI. The cost-effective products feature high flux density in small-light-source-size packages.

3M Architectural Markets debuts D50 reflective specular films for improved LED lighting thermal management

As part of its 2014 LFI introductions, 3M Architectural Markets is debuting the 3M Specular Film Protected D50 Series. Allowing lighting designers to efficiently control LED light while saving energy, this 98.5% reflective film improves thermal management, increases optical efficiency and lumen output, and reduces LED and LED circuitry costs.

Hatch Lighting I-LOC LED drivers with adjustable driver output current featured at LightFair

Hatch I-LOC Technology provides tomorrow’s driver output current adjustability, today. Samples will be available early 3Q14 with product shipping early 4Q14. This technology has been submitted for LFI's Innovation of the Year award and will be showcased in Las Vegas at Hatch’s booth #5417.

Lambda Research demonstrates TracePro illumination design software at LightFair

At LFI, the company will be offering live demonstrations of TracePro. Illumination and luminaire design engineers attending the show are encouraged to bring their latest projects and experience a real-time demo using their designs.

Controls/power and networks

EMerge Alliance to demo NEC-compliant DC lighting system and present standards and regulations at LightFair

The latest demonstration of the EMerge Alliance Occupied Space Standard, which facilitates low-voltage DC lighting, will be on display at booth #5549 during the expo. It represents the industry’s only modular, plug-and-play lighting system that enables renewable energy and distributed generation to create an energy network designed to help achieve zero net energy use in buildings and campuses.

GE Lighting presents intelligent systems for retail, commercial, and street lighting applications at LightFair

The next generation of GE’s LED lighting fixtures will be enabled with indoor location technology. GE is collaborating with ByteLight to demonstrate this innovative technology at the show.

Lighting products

Acuity Brands' Marker Light for healthcare facilities uses amber OLED technology

Acuity Brands introduces the OLED Marker Light Series concept luminaires. On display at LFI -- Acuity Brands Booth #3808 -- these OLED luminaires can create a directional beacon in high traffic healthcare areas, add visual appeal, provide subtle orientation along a path, and provide low-level illumination in critical care areas, benefiting patients and caregivers.

LED Roadway Lighting exhibits NXT LED luminaires and smart street lighting at LightFair

LRL’s booth will feature the NXT series luminaires (NXT-S and NXT-M). Earlier this year, LRL announced that the NXT-S luminaire had been selected as Best in Class (Local Residential Roadway) in the 2013 Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) Outdoor Lighting Competition.

Lighting Science to highlight human-centric lighting at LightFair

Adding to the expertise in the Lighting Science booth, NASA astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria, commander of the International Space Station Expedition 14, will be present to discuss the impact of artificial light on space missions and the value of biologically-corrected lighting to regulate sleep and increase performance.

Soraa releases SNAP System of LED lamp accessories for PAR and AR111 lamps at LightFair

Soraa will launch and display large lamp versions of its innovative SNAP System along with new accessories at LFI. With the addition of PAR30, PAR38 and AR111 LED lamps to the SNAP System line, customers now have a choice of lamps as well as accessories to tailor light in restaurant, retail, hospitality, museum, and residential applications.

AFX 12W ORA LED pendant with 3000K CCT on display at LightFair

The new ORA LED fixture features a 12-in. circular powder coated ring pendant with a matching powder coated ceiling canopy. With an integrated LED engine, the ORA pendant uses 12W of energy to deliver 900 lm with a 3000K CCT.

HessAmerica features LED wall luminaires and bollard lights at LightFair

AVANGARDO 2 luminaires accent interiors and outdoor areas with simple architectural styling and crisp LED illumination. Suitable applications include buildings, exterior pathways, and outdoor patios found on corporate campuses, universities, malls, and venues for retail, hospitality, and entertainment.

Aeon Lighting will feature ATLED Uniqube square downlight at LightFair

Combining ALT’s patented heat dissipation technique and power driver skills, the 6-in. model achieves up to 6000 lm with 91 lm/w. Color temperature ranges from golden-toned 2200K to bright true white at 10,000K.

Solatube International to preview SkyVault Collector tubular daylighting device at LightFair

The Solatube SkyVault Collector captures significantly more daylight than traditional skylights without heating the building interior. It maximizes daylight delivery by capturing and redirecting low-angle light downward into the system and minimizes solar heat gain by preventing heat-carrying infrared rays from entering the system.

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