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eBook: How three companies leverage occupancy IoT data to optimize operations

July 10, 2023
With access to occupancy IoT data collected from lighting and other sensors, business leaders can understand how space is used to drive energy savings & efficient operations. See how 3 companies were able to achieve significant results.

The future of commercial real estate is uncertain, making space planning and resource allocation much more difficult than in years past.  With time-series data captured from patented sensors 65 times per second embedded in lighting fixtures, you can provide a sensing environment that creates a wealth of digitized building visualizations. 

Learn how three customers were able to achieve significant results with occupancy data. Some benefits include: 

  • Increasing space usage and productivity by accessing historic time-series data to analyze trends and optimize design
  • Rightsizing real-estate portfolios with reduced risk and minimal business disruptions
  • Turning data into action with intuitive reporting and dashboards
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