Parking with confidence: Philips Gardco SoftView LED parking garage luminaires

March 1, 2016
Maintaining light levels in a parking garage at all times often results in high lighting costs for owners.

Maintaining light levels in a parking garage at all times often results in high lighting costs for owners. In most cases, parking garages are lit with traditional HID or linear fluorescent sources, which may not provide adequate illumination and are costly to maintain. HID luminaires can be very inefficient, use significantly more energy than LED, and offer less control flexibility. As a result, some garages choose to turn lights off to save money, which compromises a sense of security in the space. LED technology is much more efficient than HID, and offers more control options for additional energy savings during off-peak hours, but many LED solutions may have a harsh glare that is uncomfortable for drivers and pedestrians.

Whether you are visiting a city or going out for a night on the town, patrons should enjoy peace of mind as they leave their vehicles unattended, drive, and walk around in a parking garage.

You can now create a welcoming space that invites patrons to park and move around with a sense of security. Philips Gardco SoftView LED parking garage luminaires are designed to create comfort for patrons and parking garage owners alike.

SoftView parking garage luminaires use edge-lit technology, where LED light is transmitted through the edge of a guide panel. This creates uniform indirect illumination that increases visual comfort without compromising performance or exposing viewers to harsh glare. Unlike traditional HID technologies which waste light directly underneath the luminaire, SoftView efficiently provides uniform illumination to eliminate dark spots that can obstruct vision, adding a sense of security within the space.

With uplight directed onto the ceiling, SoftView parking garage luminaires increase a feeling of openness in the space, without the gloomy cave effect that may make some garage users feel unsafe.

While instilling sense of security to parking patrons is critically important, it’s not the only consideration towards the success of a parking garage. By incorporating SoftView parking garage luminaires into your retrofit or new construction project, you can save on acquisition, operating and maintenance costs, for a low total cost of ownership. Add flexibility and further enhance savings through optional controls, including 0-10V dimming, motion response and wireless controls. A variety of lumen packages, color temperatures, mounting options, and Type 5 and concentrated downlight distributions are available so you can create your ideal parking garage environment.

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