Gooch and Housego rebrands Optronic Laboratories and ChromoDynamics

Jan. 31, 2010
Parent company rebrands business units, and LED-centric test and measurement instruments will now carry the Gooch and Housego brand.

Gooch and Housego has made organizational changes to its business structure combining the former Optronic Laboratories and ChromoDynamics business units under the Gooch and Housego brand. The new organization will leverage Gooch and Housego's global engineering, operations, sales, distribution, and support channels.

The Optronic Laboratories business unit has been manufacturing a broad range of light measurement systems, including LED-centric products that will now join the Gooch and Housego product family. Instruments coming from the Optronic Laboratories brand include high-brightness LED measurement systems and high-speed LED measurement systems among other instruments. ChromoDynamics has specialized in imaging for medical applications.

"Many of our partners require solutions based upon the broad portfolio of capabilities that we offer; the new organization enables us to fully leverage all of our strengths and bring them front and center to meet and exceed customers' expectations," said Alex Fong, Senior Vice-President for Gooch and Housego's Life Sciences and Instrumentation segment. Gooch and Housego specializes in designing and manufacturing precision optical, crystal, and optoelectronic components, both for research and OEM usage.