Super Vision acquires key LED patent, sues Color Kinetics

March 10, 2004
Three press releases relating to the patent litigation between Color Kinetics and Super Vision

Super Vision acquires key color changing patent from High End Systems

March 4, 2004 - Source: Super Vision

Super Vision International, Inc., a manufacturer of fiber optic and LED lighting, has acquired from High End Systems, Inc. of Austin, Texas, US patent #4,962,687 covering the invention of a "Variable Color Lighting System".

The patent development dates back to pioneering inventions by Richard Belliveau in the late 1980's which resulted in multi-color lighting systems for entertainment applications including High End's famous Color Pro products.

Super Vision's interest in the Belliveau patent was due to the broad coverage of this patent in the use of networked, centrally controlled, addressable color changing lighting systems incorporating pulse width modulation and variable digital control circuitry which can vary the intensity of individual lamp elements to generate unlimited colors.

Super Vision will utilize this patent to incorporate all future development of its LED lighting systems for the lighting, sign, pool and landscape industry.

"This patent represents the foundation on which all LED lighting systems are being designed and built today" commented Brett Kingstone, Super Vision's President, "In our research of hundreds of patents and prior art applications, the Belliveau patent stood out as the earliest and most important patent in the field. We are grateful to Richard Belliveau's pioneering efforts and to High End for providing us with this opportunity. We look forward to cooperating with many of our colleagues in the manufacturing industry to make this process available to them as well."

Frank Gordon, Chief Executive Officer of High End System stated "We have made excellent use of the Belliveau patent in the development of our entertainment lighting systems, however, we have always been aware of the broad scope and importance of this patent for the development of LED systems. Super Vision has expressed strong interest in developing LED applications utilizing this invention and we were pleased to support them with the understanding that they should also share this patent through fair licensing arrangements within the industry to help support free trade and continued growth in the field."

Under the terms of the agreement, High End Systems will continue to have a license throughout the duration of the patent. Mike Wood, Chief Technology Officer of High End Systems stated "There is no doubt in our minds that this seminal patent is highly significant for color mixing lighting systems so we are delighted that Super Vision sees that importance. It is key to High End Systems that any of our patents are available to others for reasonable license and it is very clear that Super Vision shares that goal"

Richard Belliveau stated "I am excited that an innovative company like Super Vision International has chosen to incorporate my inventions into their product range. The use of my technology coupled with Super Vision's advanced LED and Fiber Optic products seem the perfect match."


Super Vision files $10.5 million patent infringement suit against Color Kinetics

March 8, 2004 - Source: Super Vision

Super Vision International, Inc. announced today that is has filed a law suit in Federal District Court in Orlando, Florida seeking past due royalties and damages in excess of $10.5 million against Color Kinetics, Inc. of Boston, Massachusetts for past and current infringement violations of US patent #4,963,687 entitled "Variable Color Lighting System."

The patent provides for broad coverage in its claims for patent in the use of networked, centrally controlled, addressable color changing lighting systems incorporating pulse width modulation and variable digital control circuitry which can vary the intensity of individual lamp elements to generate unlimited colors.

Color Kinetics was notified by the patent owner on several occasions in the past that the owner believed that Color Kinetics was infringing on its intellectual property rights.

Upon examination of High End System's patent, Super Vision believed utilization of this patent would be required in order to continue their development of color changing LED systems. Super Vision is now the owner of the "Variable Color Lighting System" patent by virtue of a recent technology purchase from High End Systems of Austin, Texas, including future licensing rights, rights to enforce against infringement, and entitlement to both past due and future royalties on the patent.


Color Kinetics reaffirms position in patent litigation against Super Vision

March 10, 2004- Source: Color Kinetics

Color Kinetics Incorporated, the pioneer of intelligent LED-based illumination technologies, today reaffirmed its position in patent litigation against Super Vision International, Inc., and dismissed the merit of a patent infringement law suit recently filed by Super Vision in Federal District Court in Orlando, Florida.

Super Vision's allegation of infringement is based on an incandescent lighting patent, unrelated to LED-based lighting systems, acquired from High End Systems. The suit does not interfere with Color Kinetics' product offerings or intellectual property.

"Color Kinetics is already asserting its patents against Super Vision's infringing LED products, and we're very confident in our position in that litigation," said George Mueller, Chairman and CEO, Color Kinetics. "We view Super Vision's acquisition of the High End Systems patent as a misguided attempt to gain leverage in the existing suit. The patent relates only to traditional incandescent lighting systems, not to LED-based systems, and we're confident that its assertion against Color Kinetics is completely without merit."

In existing patent litigation initiated in June of 2002 and currently pending in the Federal District Court in Boston, Massachusetts, Color Kinetics has claimed that many multicolor LED-based lighting products sold by Super Vision infringe numerous Color Kinetics patents.