Color Kinetics and Element Labs announce licensing agreement

March 27, 2007
Color Kinetics and Element Labs, two companies specializing in intelligent LED-based lighting fixtures for the entertainment market, have announced a global cross-licensing agreement.
Element Labs will acquire access to Color Kinetics' complete patent portfolio, enabling the development and sale of certain LED-based product lines worldwide. Similarly, Element Labs will also grant Color Kinetics a license to certain patents owned or controlled by Element Labs.

Element Labs is a prominent manufacturer of LED systems that merge lighting and video in a wide range of theatrical, touring, television and other entertainment applications. Its systems have been used in many high-profile projects around the world, including three of the last four Super Bowl halftime shows, and a giant outdoor screen at the Asian Games in Doha (see news).

Several of Element Labs' intelligent LED product lines apply Color Kinetics' proprietary control methods to generate millions of colors and video-based lighting effects. As such, Element Labs will pay royalty fees on the sales of these products in all markets covered by Color Kinetics' patent portfolio.

"We are witnessing remarkable demand around the world for our cutting-edge LED systems, which provide an economical and easy-to-install alternative to conventional video screens," said Nils Thorjussen, President and CEO, Element Labs.

"As we continually look to take advantage of rapidly improving LED technology, we think it's important to work with Color Kinetics, whose pioneering R&D and resulting intellectual property have led the market."

Bill Sims, president and CEO of Color Kinetics, said, "Adding Element Labs to our roster of licensees in this sector not only reflects the weight of our intellectual property; it points to the increasing convergence of intelligence and LED sources - a trend that we believe will ultimately touch all uses of light."

"Our licensing program continues to gain momentum as more manufacturers across various industries recognize the power that digital intelligence can afford," added Sims.

Intelligent LED lighting technology is increasingly displacing conventional lighting methods in the entertainment and event production markets, particularly in color lighting applications. Unlike conventional sources, LED lighting systems require no gels, filters, or mechanical scrollers to generate color and dynamic effects.

In addition, LED lighting systems are well suited for creating flexible grids and modular displays for low-resolution video effects that are commonly applied as stage backdrops or dynamic set pieces.