Traxon Technologies joins Osram-Philips cross-license program

June 16, 2009
Traxon and its controls company e:cue are now participating in the Philips-Osram cross-licensing IP program for LED luminaires.
Traxon Technologies, an Osram Company, has announced its participation in the cross-licensing agreement between Osram and Philips for LED-based technology used in luminaires – see News.

The agreement involves the mutual licensing of patents for all LEDs (both inorganic and organic) and LED-based system components. All Traxon fixtures include key components which are individually designed by Traxon, e:cue (Traxon's control company) or Osram Group companies, and therefore are protected by the cross-license agreement.

Traxon Technologies says it can "guarantee its customers to be safe of any license fees claimed by Royal Philips Electronics N.V. when using Traxon / e:cue fixtures for projects". This arrangement relates not only to patents held by Philips but also to patents previously held by Color Kinetics and TIR Systems, which were acquired by Philips.

Traxom lists the advantages for its customers, such as retailers, installers, system integrators, distributors and end-users, as follows:

• Royalty-free license under all patents of the Philips SSL program within the field of architectural lighting, theatrical lighting, general lighting, display and video applications (except LCD)
• Full design freedom without patent restrictions
• No need for critical product checking in regard to patent infringements
• Riskless use of Traxon / e:cue / Osram / Philips LED systems and key components
• Avoidance of possible conflicts with Philips SSL Program