LSG unveils several collaborations and projects

March 26, 2008
Lighting Science Group is working with a lighting manufacturer and a supplier of retail display systems, and has also produced an interactive lighting system.
LSG and Cannon Equipment develop retail lighting system

Lighting Science Group (LSG) is working with Cannon Equipment, a leading supplier of display for retailers, to develop and launch a new range of retail display systems integrating LED lighting technology.

Cannon Equipment recently installed LED integrated display cases and shelves in the first of a multi-store roll-out for a global specialty retailer. The LED system will replace less efficient T5 fluorescent lighting and is anticipated to save more than 25,000 kW-hours per year per store.

"Lighting is integral to the shopping experience; it highlights products and enhances the visual appeal, which significantly influences shoppers' buying choices. Therefore, changing the current lighting system to more energy efficient solutions, without sacrificing the in-store environment-- is imperative for our clients," said Chuck Gruber President of Cannon Equipment.

Gruber also referred to "demanding color temperature and light quality requirements" that had been met by Lighting Science.

The new system will last 50,000 hours and has a payback period of less than two years. The carbon offset from each store is approximately 10.8 metric tons a year, or the equivalent of 1,230 gallons of gas, or 23 barrels of oil.

LSG and Tech Lighting create LED lights

LSG has also entered into a development and marketing agreement with Tech Lighting (a brand of Encompass Lighting, which is a division of Generation Brands) to launch a full line of LED-based lighting products.

LSG will integrate its patented LED technology into Tech Lighting's light fixtures for both residential and commercial use. The result will be a significant reduction in energy consumption; for example, a 35-watt bulb will be replaced by a mere 6-watt LED module with equivalent light output. The LED fixtures will operate for as long as 25,000 hours -- or up to 10 years -- in normal residential usage and pay for themselves within two years.

Steve Harriott, president of Encompass Lighting Group, said, "Prior to this agreement, Tech Lighting offered a full range of lighting options for commercial, residential and industrial applications, but had yet to offer a suite of LED solutions. We have spent the past four years researching the progress of LEDs and its potential to integrate into our product mix. As a result of that research we can now move forward, confident that our entry into LEDs will effectively meet the high standards of our customers. We partnered with LSG because we felt they could lead us to an LED lighting system that meets our stringent requirements – it's truly LED without compromise."

LSG and Jason Bruges Studio create light sculpture

LSG has partnered with Jason Bruges Studio to create a unique interactive experience through the use of animated LED lighting. Shoppers at the Silverburn Shopping Centre in Glasgow, Scotland will interact with the vertical linear lighting sculpture, which hangs from the ceiling of the main atrium and walkway. The system displays a variety of spectacular animated effects in response to the activity of people passing under it.
Jason Bruges Studio's design was implemented by integrating LSG's high- intensity X16 Dotz LEDs with White Wing Logic's leading-edge camera recognition software and a DMX control system. Hundreds of X16 Dotz hang from the mall ceiling in a vertical configuration, each one individually controlled by the DMX system.

As the camera registers the motion of each passing shopper, the data is seamlessly translated by the DMX system to generate animated effects that create wavelike patterns of light. The result is a personalized experience for each person interacting with the display.

"The flexibility of the LSG solution and the short lead time allowed us to achieve our design concepts and gave us the ability to provide our client with a cost-effective solution and very unique feature for the shopping centre," says Zena Bruges, Managing Director of Jason Bruges Studio.