Chroma-Q Color Blocks provide LED uplighting for Jagger & Co.

Oct. 24, 2005
A.C. Lighting has supplied over 400 Chroma-Q Color Blocks to uplight the stage set for the Rolling Stones' A Bigger Bang world tour.
A Bigger Bang In all, 434 Color Blocks fitted with special 30 x 5 degree lens film kits were supplied by A.C. Lighting's Special Projects division, along with 18 of the new 30-way power supplies and all required cabling.

This is the first major rock concert tour to include the audience as part of the set design. Fans purchasing on-stage tickets have an intimate and extraordinary view of the band and the audience while becoming part of the backdrop and set.

Technical Director Jeremy Lloyd needed to find a solution to uplight a series of 90 flat and radius fascia panels concealing the five levels of in-stage seating. The challenge was to find a small but very bright LED fitting which could be mounted along the bottom edge of each panel to provide a colour wash straight up the projection surface, regardless of what angle the panel was suspended at.

Lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe chose the Chroma-Q(tm) Color Block DB4 LED fixture. The fixture was ideal for the application due to its compact size, which allowed units to be concealed inside the 100 x 100 mm (3.9 x 3.9 inch) trough at the base of each panel.

Big Mick By fitting each unit with a special 30 x 5 degree lens film kit and incorporating a shallow reflector at the top of each of the panels, it was possible to achieve an even wash over a 2.5m wide by 2m high area with just five fittings each containing 4 separate RGB cells.

A.C.'s Special Projects division worked with stage supplier Brilliant Stages to provide the correct mounting of the units into the panels, including an enclosure to protect the Color Blocks from rain whilst still retaining ventilation to allow airflow. The units were mounted on adjustable brackets to allow the fittings to be level inside the angled troughs, whilst not protruding.

The stage set designer for the tour is Mark Fisher. A.C. Lighting is the worldwide distributor for the Chroma-Q(tm) Color Block. Following the North American leg of A Bigger Bang World Tour, which kicked off on 21st August in Boston, the band will then tour Mexico, South America, the Far East and finally Europe in the summer of 2006.