Barco to install LED displays in Victory Park, Dallas

Dec. 21, 2005
Victory Media Network has awarded Barco a $18 million contract to install over 46,000 Barco LED modules.
Barco is to provide over 46,000 OLite 510 outdoor LED modules for the new Victory Park development in downtown Dallas. In what will become one of the largest high-definition outdoor media installations worldwide, eleven individual LED displays will be constructed. The entire project will use four million individual OLITE surface-mount LEDs.

Opening in 2006, Victory Park will mix housing, retail, dining and office facilities with numerous entertainment venues.

The Victory Media Network will include two fixed 20' x 20' tower displays, a digital portal, and eight movable 15' x 26' LED walls (installed in two four-panel groups that face each other across the 60-foot wide Victory Plaza).

The movable media displays will be mounted on rails, and stacked two-on-two. Using the Barco Screen Movement System, the panels can be choreographed individually with discreet video and surround-sound feeds, or locked together to form 30' x 50' HD screens with true 16:9 aspect ratios.

In the open-air Victory Plaza, the Barco LED walls will offer visitors an interactive mix of advertising, education, entertainment and art, and will provide brand advertisers with an opportunity to create unprecedented immersive environments and captivating experiences.

“The project’s biggest challenge was the proximity of the crowd,” said Steve Simard, Barco’s Branding Market Manager for the Media market. “With a maximum viewing distance of 60 feet and sharp viewing angles, Hillwood needed a technology with the highest perceived resolution, and that’s why the OLITE 510 was selected. With the physical limitations in this Plaza, the Olite proved to be the very best for resolution at short distances. Equally important, the OLITE gives this project the cutting-edge display technology that won’t be outdated.”