Cyberlux LED lighting products incorporated by cabinet maker

Aug. 3, 2005
DreamWerks Design Studio, a custom kitchen cabinet manufacturer, has committed to use the Cyberlux Aeon Pro product line as the lighting solution in all of its Aero-Strata contemporary kitchen cabinet line of products.

"DreamWerks Design Studio had the opportunity to review the Cyberlux Aeon Pro under-cabinet lighting," said Jon Brocksopp, president of DreamWerks Design Studio, LLC of Racine, Wisconsin. "We were so impressed with the product line, as well as the follow-up service the sales staff provided, that we decided to standardize on the Aeon Pro line as the lighting solution in our high-end, Aero-Strata contemporary kitchen cabinet line.

"We build approximately 15 Aero-Strata kitchens a week in which we plan to use approximately 80 Aeon Pro lights, so for us to standardize on this product says a lot about the Aeon Pro solid-state lighting technology."

As a lighting solution, the Aeon Pro solid-state task and accent lighting products address the three pervasive problems with traditional task and accent lighting – short operating life, significant heat generation and energy inefficiency.

The Aeon Pro products have an industry-leading 15-year light-life guarantee, generate virtually no heat during extended operation and are energy-efficient. The Aeon Pro E line has exceeded California’s Title 24 energy efficiency standards (which specify a minimum of 40 lm/W).

The Cyberlux Aeon Pro line provides the choice of a warm, 3000K white light or a cool, 5000K white light selection. With lighting sizes from 8 inches to 48 inches, the Aeon Pro products start at an average of $100 per unit.