Illumination Physics provides content management system for LED media wall project in Hong Kong

May 25, 2016
The display content for LED media walls must be created mindful of the specific characteristics of the media wall on which it will be replayed. There are no standards for media walls and the content must be manipulated and optimised. Media walls do not respond like print, TV or traditional outdoor media.

The design of media walls is largely determined by the architecture of the building. Regardless of whether the display will be imposed on an existing building or is part of a new building design, there will be compromises that the designer must navigate. The size, aspect ratio, resolution and viewing distances must be factored into the design. The designer must also anticipate the type and purpose of content that will be displayed.

For HSBC’s Main Building in Hong Kong, Illumination Physics designed, manufactured and installed a unique product. In a city where animated displays are ubiquitous, the HSBC project actually has three media walls that are combined into one massive display, the largest in Hong Kong. The building also received a new LED upgrade for the façade lighting and the media and the façade lighting programs are combined into one composite display.

This achievement was the beginning rather than the end of our responsibilities.

The content and the way it exploits the media wall is the key to success. The proportion of the graphics, the use of size, the resolution, movement and contrast in the video content all determine the effectiveness of the display. There may be several audiences each looking on from significantly different distances as was the case with the HSBC main building project. There are viewing distances just 100 metres away from the building, others at 500 meters and a mass audience on the Kowloon side of Victoria Harbour 2000 metres away. Managing the content so that it serves each audience is different to other traditional media.

Illumination Physics understands how to manage the content for the media walls it creates.

We create content in-house and provide guidance to other content creators, advertising agencies and corporate communications departments. We help optimise the content to suit all media walls and viewing distances.
Illumination Physics created all of the permanent content for HSBC including the nightly display for ‘A Symphony of Lights’ and the branding sequences. We have provided testing and advice for the agencies that have produced the campaign as well as creating special seasonal or one-off lighting treatments for Christmas and New Year’s Eve which have been brilliantly showcased across HSBC’s massive media walls.
We have also used this technology to great effect at Studio City Macau. Working with Melco-Crown creative director Geoff Benham, Illumination Physics created a library of lighting scenes that were synchronised with related content for the media walls. The ideas were developed and honed through simulations and then tested on the building itself. Using remote internet control, live tests and programming sessions were conducted from a variety of viewing points in order to find a balance in the use of colour and movement.

Illumination Physics also provides a service to schedule all of the content so that it is synchronously displayed on time. Up to 2000 video clips may be involved in a single night’s program.

Content management is creative, technical and administrative; all three attributes are crucial to the success of the project. The possibilities are infinite and Illumination Physics have the technology to endlessly modify the content produced on their media screens. Our innovative data programmable lighting is created specifically for the project at hand which is part of what we call our ‘circle of responsibility’ – we provide total solutions on complex design/build projects.


Peter Kemp, Managing Director - Illumination Physics