Artificial Sky replicates feeling of being outdoors with LED biophilic lighting

April 18, 2016
Disabled veteran revolutionizes 21st century ceilings by replicating the sensation of being outdoors in nature inside your workplace.

Fans of Harry Potter movies will remember the spectacular magical ceiling in the great hall that emulated the night sky. LED technology has enabled that imaginary ceiling to become a reality, with no size limitations.

Artificial Sky offers moving clouds, birds flying overhead, sunny blue skies and even dramatic sunrise and sunset scenarios. See the world's largest ceiling installation here.

Why Artificial Sky? A lack of nature is incredibly unhealthy to us both mentally and physically. For more than 150,000 years humans have predominantly lived and worked outside. Being outdoors in and around leaves and trees, lying under a moonlit starry sky, fly fishing on a river, even walking shoeless on a beach, can trigger relaxation responses in the brain. Consider disaffected teenagers dragged reluctantly for a hike in the woods who then actually enjoy it; the breathtaking sensation when you walk barefoot through grass and see the sun dip below the horizon, flooding the sky with vibrant purples and pinks; the overworked employee who takes a holiday to Costa Rica and spends his or her time there observing the flora and fauna of the rainforest, and returns a few pounds lighter and much calmer.

There are so many health benefits to Artificial Sky, from treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) to recalibrating the human circadian system - aiding in better sleep and a more rested mindset - to energizing the human body and combating afternoon fatigue. This is all due to the biophilia hypothesis, which suggests that there is a distinctive bond between human beings and other living things. Greenery, mountains, birds, the sky - humans have been shown to react positively to these, healing faster and learning better. As a result, hundreds of medical and academic facilities have installed virtual sky panels, LED skylights and acoustic tile ceiling art. Retailers have even noticed an improvement in the length of time customers linger in their stores.

Artificial Sky, owned by a service disabled veteran, is a start-up from Detroit that manufactures acoustic tile sky ceilings, LED skylights and virtual sky ceilings with such lifelike similarities that they can actually trigger autonomous relaxation responses in the human brain. The company is leading the fight against dimly lit, unproductive offices with an army of more than 200 distributors globally and over 5,000 installations to date!

"This will revolutionize ceilings in the 21st century due to the fact we engineered our virtual sky panels to fit any standard 2'x2' and 2'x4' suspended ceiling grid on earth and to be easily installed in seconds," says owner Mark Jenzen. "Artificial Sky can reduce acute stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, decrease muscle tension, reduce pain and redirect negative thoughts. It truly is magical!"


John Anthony, Media Relations