Gtek LED flying ribbon display graces Zhengzhou HuiYi Times Square

Jan. 15, 2016
From October 23th to 25th, the Council of the Heads of Government (Prime Ministers) of the SCO (the Shanghai Cooperation Organization) Member States held its 14th meeting in Zhengzhou, Henan. Meanwhile, the giant LED display in a "ceiling curtain" Flying Ribbon format of 1100m² in Zhengzhou HuiYi Times square, which is composed of multi-surfaces, was lit up smoothly. With a unique cultural sensibility, this creative project will play an important role in gaining popularity and creating new business. Predictably, Gtek’s ceiling curtain LED display will make Zhenzhou more charming.

Located in Zhengzhou HuiYi Times Square, this ceiling curtain LED display uses Bri-curtain Air H16TC (Gtek’s creative outdoor fixed product). The flexibility of the Bri-curtain LED display was shown thoroughly in such a difficult project. When it lights up, the fantastic display effect based on multi-surfaces make visitors feel like they are in a dreamlike state. Now, the “LED Flying Ribbon” has become Zhengzhou’s new city landmark.

Creative Idea & Unique Design
The design inspiration in this creative LED project came from a goddess’ lost flying ribbon from heaven. The appearance of the flying ribbon not only offers a sense of ethereal romance, but also combines with the whole of HuiYi Time Square. At the shopping mall’s entrance, there are two disc-shaped interactive LED displays. Through interaction, the visitors are able to actually experience recreational shopping.

Exclusive Customized & Unusual Modeling
This flying ribbon will serve as a prototype. In fact, it is a high achievement in technology support to realize a completely irregular presentation. However, after meticulously researching, Gtek offered a solution that required assembling multi-surface LED display units. Backed with the featured product Bri-curtain Air H16TC, this creative LED project successfully reveals romantic scenes, which explore the goddess’ lost ribbon falling lightly on the square.

City Landmark & Commercial Center
As a new city landmark in Zhengzhou, the LED Flying Ribbon will upgrade commercial value, and accelerate the achievement of a world-class urban commercial complex in HuiYi Times Square

Putting tailored and creative ideas into practice for customers to create a unique, special and innovative LED display, Gtek makes full use of the value of creative display techniques. In its long-term perspective, Gtek will achieve a win-win with customers.