ENTTEC pixelator delivers LED pixel control in a new compact format

Aug. 12, 2016
When the ENTTEC Pixelator appeared in the market, it changed the paradigm in regards to pixel control. In 2016, ENTTEC is again challenging the state of the art with the release of the Pixelator Mini, a more compact yet still powerful pixel control solution. “The Pixelator Mini fills a void in the market; our Pixie Drivers are great for a couple of hundred pixels, and the Pixelator took us to new heights in large endeavors with 48 universes. However, our clients needed something that fits in between, and the Pixelator Mini is the ideal solution for them,” notes ENTTEC Americas General Manager, Jeremy Kumin.

The Pixelator Mini can control up to 2720 pixels using 16 Universes of DMX over Ethernet. There are eight Pixel Link ports in the Pixelator Mini that utilize two universes each. Physically, the unit is compact, and measures in at 1.75” high by 4” by 7.5” deep.

Multi-protocol support is part of the Pixelator Mini, and the unit works with ArtNet, sACN and ESP, and supports WS2812B and APA-104 LED protocols. Users can connect ENTTEC Pixel Tape to the Pixel Link ports, using ENTTEC PLink Injectors and external power. Pixel tape from a plethora of other manufacturers can also be used with the Pixelator Mini, as long as they use the required protocols. Each port in the Pixelator Mini gives users the option of grouping up to 340 physical LEDs into one RGB DMX pixel, which reduces the overall number of DMX channels required.

The Pixelator Mini works with numerous Art-Net and sACN supported apps. “The Pixelator Mini—as well as the Pixelator—can be used with lighting consoles that output sACN or ArtNet, making it a natural complement to consoles like the grandMA 2, the Hog 4, the Ion and Eos,” Kumin explains. The Pixelator Mini works with a variety of media servers, including AI, d3 4x4pro, Hippotizer V4 and Catalyst.

Both the Pixelator Mini and the Pixelator are cost effective solutions for LED pixel control. At $800, the Pixelator Mini is priced right for applications that utilize up to 16 universes. However, for larger jobs, the $2,000 Pixelator is extremely cost effective, offering three times as many ports and universes as the Pixelator Mini.

The Pixelator Mini and the Pixelator are available through ENTTEC’s website, www.enttec.com, the firm’s head office in Melbourne, Australia, ENTTEC Americas, based in Hillsborough, N.C. and ENTTEC Europe, located in London.

ENTTEC of Melbourne, Australia designs and manufactures innovative lighting control systems and LED lights for a variety of applications in and out of the entertainment industry. ENTTEC offers an extensive line of products including LED control products, RDM tools, LED drivers, DMX USB products and the Aleph line of LED lighting solutions. ENTTEC offers customers worldwide cost effective solutions and support out of their Melbourne, AU headquarters and two satellite offices in the US and the UK.


Sharon Stancavage - for ENTTEC Americas