Digital Ambiance injects the cool factor with LED entertainment lighting at The Battery lounge

March 23, 2016
Digital Ambiance was approached by designer Ken Fulk and venue owner Michael Birch to help develop a signature dance event for The Battery, a high-end VIP lounge in San Francisco. The goal was to completely rethink the lightscape to create a responsive atmosphere that transitions from a sophisticated lounge to a high energy dance party with the flip of a (virtual) switch. We often intersect light, art, and technology in our projects, so we had the perfect idea of how to make this switch happen.

After an in depth discovery phase, we created several wall sconces that had the ability to express subtle motion and color (or dance with energy) leveraging LED netertainment lighting. We also created custom addressable LED fixtures hidden throughout the venue to accent key parts of the existing architecture. We partnered with Butchershop Creative to birth the centerpiece of the entire installation. A fiberglass projection-mapped Ram’s head hung above a hand crafted DJ booth to finalize the dance club atmosphere.

Every fixture and each element of the installation was designed and created by hand with our fabrication partners at Tesseract. Programming was done in partnership with Photonic Bliss, and Sight Unseen Studios made the LED entertainment lighting come to life. Working with our creative partners from Butchershop Creative we developed custom mapping content for the Ram’s Head that warps and bends the mind.

Watch the video of the case study ( and see more from this project on our website.


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