LED entertainment lighting gets to the 'Core' at Brits After-Party

March 17, 2016
Over 150 Core ColourPoint Mk 2 wireless LED uplighters provided by Wireless Lighting were used by the creative team from Maestra Events to illuminate all areas of the high profile Warner Music Brits 2016 after-party at Freemason’s Hall in Covent Garden.

This was THE place to be in town as celebrities, VIPs and guests exiting from the glittering Brit Awards ceremony at London’s O2 Arena headed for the heart of the after-party action.

Maestra designed and instigated the Warner Music event’s lighting scheme, working closely with event designer Jason Morais, creating five distinctive areas within the charismatic building, providing all the technical production and décor needed to energise a series of lively, visually stimulating spaces for relaxation and enjoyment.

The Core LED entertainment lighting fixtures – the ColourPoint Mk2 is a lightweight lithium battery powered LED event up-lighter with full wireless DMX control - were dotted around the venue, up-lighting and washing walls, corridors and connecting areas between the rooms.

“These are the perfect fixture for this application,” comments Maestra London’s Justin Hammond, who oversaw the whole operation, “They are lightweight, quick to position, easy to conceal and make discreet, with a really good output and most important a quality source of light”.

Justin was also involved in technical production for the same event last year, where he saw how well the Core fixtures fitted the lighting scheme, and decided to use them again this year.

With limited power available in the venue, a wireless LED entertainment lighting solution is ideal and one of the few ways of lighting the rooms and their stylish décor and features neatly and efficiently.

The units had to be active from late afternoon through to the early hours of the morning, so another plus point of using Core’s technology – with the ColourPoints easily maintaining an intense 2000 lumen output over a protracted time period.

The ColourPoint Mk2 is also IP65 rated and fully weatherized for outdoor use – although this wasn’t relevant at the Warner Music event!

A selection of inbuilt programmes include ‘colour scroll’, selectable ‘master/slave’ modes and PWM frequency control for flicker-free operation to suit camera based work, as well as being great for architectural use. A DMX output enables the fixture to be used as a wireless DMX receiver to control other nearby wireless DMX lights.

Utilizing the latest quad-chip RGBW technology, the colour mixing is smooth and homogenized – no blockiness or shadows - and as with all Core products, it’s robustly designed, proudly ‘made in the UK’ and built to withstand the rigours of the road!

All this has helped it to become the LED up-lighter of choice for numerous rental companies both large and small, specialists like Wireless Lighting and production houses like Maestra.

A large quantity of Core LED entertainment lighting fixtures including the ColourPoint Mk 2s and other Core LED innovations like PinPoints, StripPoint battens and FLOOD30s – were used for a recent event installation at the Tower of London.


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