CORE Lighting LED floodlights make strides in equine arena

Feb. 26, 2015
Battery powered wireless LED manufacturer CORE Lighting has recently seen the power and versatility of its FLOOD30 LED floodlights applied in a slightly different arena... the highly popular world of equine sport / leisure.

Two recent sales have resulted in the provision of practical solutions for two different equestrians, Andrea Brown based in Liphook, who runs the Hampshire Young Riders riding school, and Lindsey Nash, a Devon based horsewoman who is currently training up her young dapple grey purebred Arab, HS Casimir, for the world of endurance riding.

Andrea needed a bright, robust and user friendly floodlighting system that would allow her to offer longer and more flexible hours for instruction in her outdoor manège throughout the winter.

With many of her clients being young, it is essential for her boutique styled business to have after-school options all year round, and in the winter in the UK that means contending with darkness at 4 p.m. or even earlier if it’s a cloudy, dull, grisly day.

Andrea made an initial purchase of two FLOOD30 LED floodlights complete with tripod stands from CORE, and has “Found the perfect answer”.

Being battery powered means there’s no cabling involved so they are easy to move into any position. As they are temporary lighting, she also doesn’t need to go through the expense and hassle of having to obtain planning permission to use them.

The brightness is excellent and effortlessly illuminates her manège … However, most importantly for Andrea, they are really easy to put up.

It takes her less than a minute to erect the stands, clamp the FLOOD30s on top and switch them on for instant light.

At the end of the evening they are taken back to the yard, put on charge and are ready for use the next day. “I can’t describe how amazing it is to be able to beat the winter gloom,” she declares.

Near Exeter in Devon, Lindsey Nash is busy training HS Casimir in her own arena, which is also the standard 40 x 20 metre size. Like Angela, she found CORE initially on the internet, called up and spoke to MD Phil Ion who was “Extremely helpful”, answered all her questions and offered plenty of expert advice.

Once again, the FLOOD30 fixtures are absolutely ideal. They allow her to extend the day, capitalise on working later into the evenings or early mornings and integrate more horse training into her busy work schedule.

Lindsey emphasises that the height of the stands was important as the lights need to be above the horse’s head height, and the whole package also needed to be rugged and able to withstand the winter weather.

The FLOOD30 LED floodlights are IP65 rated and built to industrial specifications so they ticked all those boxes as well as being bright enough to enable her to do in-hand work and riding in the arena.

She also sees a market for them in conjunction with a plethora of other equestrian related activities – competitions, lighting gathering points, camp sites, etc. as well as numerous situations and everyday occurrences arising on farms and small holdings like being able to repair fences and gates after dark.

CORE’s FLOOD30 LED floodlights are made in the UK and exude an impressive 7500 lumens where two to four will light an average manège. They are available with a neutral white (4200K) output, and there is also an RGBW version available in CORE’s similar POINT30 unit. They can be powered and charged via mains and come in a compact 25 cm case weighing an expedient 8Kgs (for lithium version).

While this is a completely different application for CORE products to entertainment and event lighting, HS Casimir does bring a touch of rock ‘n’ roll to the picture... the 15.1 hh gelding was bred at Rolling Stone Charlie Watts’ Halsdon Stud in North Devon and is descended from their famous Polish bloodlines.

Hampshire Young Riders photos by Louise Stickland show:
Olivier Brown Aged 8 on Brew (the smaller, darker pony) and Inca Lee aged 10 on Ruby – being taught by Andrea Brown


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