Core Lighting displays wireless LED entertainment lighting lineup at Prolight+Sound 2015

April 17, 2015
Innovative UK wireless LED manufacturer CORE Lighting will launch its new StripPoint wireless LED batten at Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt next week 15-18 April, on Stand A65 in Hall 9.0. CORE will also show a selection of its other best-selling wireless LED products including the new PinPoint, the workhorse ColourPoint Mk 2 and the highly practical FLOOD30.

CORE and White Light, exclusive distributor for the brand, have also just announced the appointment of Keylight as a dealer in Holland and Belgium, and will use the popularity and strategic positioning of Prolight as the most important European entertainment technology industry trade show, to seek other potential partners in Europe and further afield. The StripPoint expands CORE’s current range of robust products, as the trend and demand for good quality wireless LED fixtures for all types of events continues to grow apace.

The 1 metre long StripPoint unit features 18 mappable RGBW LEDs which emit an impressive 4000 lumens whilst drawing only 75W of power. The colour of each LED cell is also individually controllable with a homogenous mix of 4 colours, so 72 DMX channels are required to run the unit in ‘wide’ mode and stunning pre-programmed effects can be produced as a result.

The StripPoint is completely battery powered - lasting up to 8 hours in 2-colour mode – and can be run completely wirelessly (via WDMX) or via wired DMX if preferred. It is IP65 rated for outdoor use, quality engineered as with all CORE products and compact and light enough at 5Kg to be ensconced in all sorts of discreet places, or hung from trussing, stands and other structures. For full flexibility, it can also be mains powered if desired, with a selection of lenses available to vary the beam angles. Well priced, despite being manufactured to high standards in UK as all CORE products, this is a great fixture added to CORE’s expanding product range.

Also Showing at Frankfurt :
The extremely cute and highly dynamic little CORE PinPoint was launched at the end of 2014 and is a tiny wireless pin-spot / birdie weighing just 700 grams with a single LED lightsource that outputs a punchy 300+ lumens. The head is connected to the base of the PinPoint via a flexible stainless steel 'gooseneck' for maximum focusability, and the brushed aluminium housing gives a stylish, contemporary finish. Wireless controls include Wireless DMX and Bluetooth with CORE’s own tablet apps.

Further options include the base being capable of vertical or horizontal orientation making it ideal for sitting on shelves. The base is also magnetic for easy clamping to metal objects of all types - including railings, ceiling structure, beams, lighting, sound and video mixing consoles and other control equipment - where it can also provide working light in difficult situations. The standard battery life - when fully charged - is an impressive 8-10 hours of illumination. CORE is presenting a full solution rather than just a lightsource – with an expediently sized flightcase of 10 x PinPoint units offering a total portable system including integral charging facility.

CORE’s ColourPoint Mk 2 fixture is a popular lightweight lithium battery powered LED event up-lighter with full wireless DMX control. It is IP65 rated and fully weatherised for outdoor as well as indoor use, the output can illuminate up to 3 storeys of architecture, medium sized trees and foliage, etc. and is also good for wall-washing in marquees and rooms. New features on the Mk 2 version include a selection of inbuilt programmes including ‘colour scroll’, selectable ‘master/slave’ modes and PWM frequency control, the latter giving flicker-free operation for cameras – essential for video shoots, TV studios and other broadcast applications. A DMX output enables the fixture to be used as a wireless DMX receiver to control other nearby wireless DMX lights.

Utilising the latest quad-chip RGBW technology, the ColourPoint’s colour mixing is smooth and homogenised, and it is available with integrated 6-way charging cases where the units are stored and charged simultaneously. Cases can be daisy-chained together and run off one socket, offering an efficient and professional full rental solution.

FLOOD30 units are made in the UK and exude a serious 7500 lumens. They are available with a neutral white (4200K) output, and there is also an RGBW version available in CORE’s similar POINT30 unit. They can be powered and charged via mains and come in a compact 25 cm case weighing an expedient 8Kgs (lithium version).

Further enquiries about European dealership, can be directed to members of the White Light team that will also be attending Prolight+Sound, Hall 9.0, stand A65.
Keylight Announced as Distributor
CORE’s MD Phil Ion is delighted to announce the Keylight dealership just ahead of Prolight. He says, “We are expanding the European dealer network, and Prolight is a great opportunity to meet potential new interested parties”.

Keylight, a leading Dutch sales and rental company, has been specialising in providing professional wireless LED solutions to venues and events since 2012. Their high interest in the CORE brand is due to the diversity of the product range and - apart from the quality assurances from being manufactured in the UK – they value CORE and White Light’s close proximity for customer support.

Keylight’s owners are also impressed with the consideration that has gone into the CORE design process to produce features like adjustable PWM, homogenisation of the lightsource, and the fact that the fixtures are easy to set up and operate at events …. even for those without specific technical experience.


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