Robe demos broad range of LED entertainment lighting offerings at Prolight+Sound 2015

April 8, 2015
Robe goes LARGE at the 2015 Prolight+Sound expo in Frankfurt, Germany with an expanded booth and lots of action, showcasing 10 new LED entertainment lighting products on Stands B51 and B61 in Hall 11.0.

These include the BMFL Blade – the next fixture in Robe’s new signature Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire (BMFL) range, which joins the hugely successful BMFL Spot, launched six months ago. The latest additions to the DL LED entertainment lighting range include the DL7S Profile, DL4X Spot, DL4S Profile and the DL4F Wash; there are two new versions of Robe’s ParFect LED PAR fixture, a new LED batten fixture, the CycBar 15 as well as a brand new LED moving light spot fixture – VIVA.

Robe prepares to rock the LED strobe market with its innovative and powerful Strobe (pronounced stro-bay to rhyme with Robe). The Strobe from Robe brings the ultimate flash factor to any show or event.
In addition to these ten exciting and diverse LED entertainment lighting products, Robe has more surprises waiting on the stand … and also in a special private demo room. Another awesome lightshow will feature a megamix of the new products, highlighting in particular the BMFL Spot and Blade.
As you would expect from Robe … there will be a crew of knowledgeable, multi-lingual staff on hand to answer all questions and arrange demonstrations, technical support as required, together with a fantastic bar, fully stocked with superb Czech beer and the usual amazing hospitality throughout the four days of the expo. On the opening day of the show, Robe will have the Fed Cup Tennis Trophy on the stand – which is really special. People are welcome to drop by for photo opportunities. Robe is a major sponsor of the Czech team in this year’s Championship … and they are hotly tipped to win. Robe’s product press conference will be at 2.30 p.m. on Wednesday 15th – so please add the date to your calendars.

BMFL™ Blade
The new BMFL Blade fixture offers four fast shutter blades with smooth and precise movement in the new BMFL Blade lighting fixture. The shutter blades are individually angled and positioned within a frame which itself can rotate through 90 degrees, providing a sharp or soft, precisely repeatable frame for the projected image. This produces a new series of fast-moving in-air effects through pre-programmed shape and movement sequences of the blades, gobo images can be trimmed or framed in a regular, triangular or trapezoid shape. Each pair of opposing blades can close for a complete blackout.

Two gobo wheels – one rotating with six slot&lock gobo positions plus another with 8 static gobos can be combined with the Animation wheel to create numerous dynamic projected effects. This is added to the already acclaimed Robe BMFL features including: exceptionally smooth linear dimming; imperceptible high definition colour mixing; full width beam; output in excess of 250,000 lux at 5 metres – and the Robe EMS™ (Electronic Motion Stabiliser) technology which enables the BMFL to both move and stop faster and more accurately than any other fixture in its class. All this is housed in a compact body profile weighing just 38Kgs.

DL7S Profile™
The DL7S Profile is the first DL range fixture to receive a powerful new 800W version of the LED engine with seven colours for unprecedented smooth, stable and even colour mixing and a very high CRI of 92. From the deepest to the lightest colours the DL7S provides a rich full colour spectrum experience, and features custom colour mixing and dimming and seamless operation especially at the minimum brightness levels. Four fast framing shutters within the optical path are individually controllable for position and angle and the entire framing module can be rotated. Crisp and soft frames can be used on projections, and a new series of effects is possible using a selection of pre-programmed shutter blade shape and movement sequences. One rotating gobo wheel with six slot&lock gobo positions plus a static gobo wheel with 8 static gobos can be combined with the Animation wheel. Other effects and features include variable frost, rotating prism and super-fast iris. As with all the DL luminaire range, the multiple LED lightsource is completely homogenised.

Strobe™ from Robe
Power is everything. The Strobe from Robe could not be anything but the brightest, best value, most sophisticated LED strobe-blinder effects unit on the market - Ultimately controllable, configurable and arrayable. The Strobe from Robe produces super fast, intense bursts of high powered pulses optically harnessed from the 120 x high powered white LED chips that can be adjusted in frequency, duration and intensity. The fixtures are incredibly easy to rig either individually or in multiples, and equally straightforward to program using ‘direct segment’ control or the pre-defined macros. The fixture is fitted with the standard Robe RNS touch screen display system, and can be used together with DMX, RDM, Artnet, MANet and sACN protocols. There’s also an optional wireless DMX module.
Elegant and lightweight, Robe’s VIVA is packed with smart effects that are easy to use. The fixture is very powerful yet consumes little energy. The 270W white LED light engine gives an extra punchy beam and an incredible 20,000 hours of operation – in fact, no re-lamping will be needed for the entire life of the fixture. Vivid and radiant colours can be applied from two colour wheels and rotating or static gobos added for projections or mid-air effects. The smooth zoom can go out to 40 degrees at its widest and be softened up with variable frost to create a gentle wash-like output or dynamic background projections. The minimum 8° zoom produces a piercing beam that can be trimmed with ultra-fast stepless iris for really punchy output, and by using Robe’s proprietary EMS™ (Electronic Motion Stabiliser) technology VIVA has an extremely fast pan/tilt movement.
That and much more is possible with VIVA – an entertaining and contemporary fixture.

DL4X Spot™
An improved and 30% brighter version of the ROBE RGBW LED module (lightsource) allows the DL4X Spot fixture to utilize specifically modified colour mixing and dimming for extra smooth, operation especially at minimum brightness levels. The colour outputs are brighter than a comparable 1200 Watt discharge unit, however offer an average very eco-friendly power consumption of only 250 Watts. The optical system produces a super-smooth, high quality light output and an almost infinite selection of rich, beautiful colours with no shadows. There is a versatile zoom of 10 – 45 degrees. Effects features include a combination of static and rotating gobo wheels with custom replaceable positions, variable frost, three-faceted prism, superfast iris and much more... including a full range of dimming and variable strobe effects.

DL4S Profile™
Building on the massive success of the DL series of LED luminaires, the DL4S Profile is the first to receive a new 30% brighter LED module, with specifically modified colour mixing and dimming for extra smooth, stepless operation, especially at the lowest brightness levels. The DLS has four fast, smooth, framing shutters within the optical path and individual control of each shutter blade position and angle, together with rotation of the complete framing module. As well as providing a sharp or soft frame for the projected image, this system produces new effects through a number of pre-programmed shutter blade shape and movement sequences. As with all models in Robe’s DL range, the source is completely homogenised with no shadows or blockiness.

Robe’s RGBW LED light source reproduces both deep and pastel colours at output levels normally associated with1200W discharge fixtures as well as pure whites at preselected 2700, 3200, 4200, 5600 and 8000K colour temperatures. A tungsten emulation function allows the fixture to be integrated seamlessly into lighting schemes with existing traditional lanterns, so especially good for theatres and other venues with fixed installations.

DL4F Wash™
The perfect companion to the DL4S Profile and the DL4X Spot, the new DL4F Wash is based on the same powerful RGBW LED module, again offering improved brightness and specifically modified colour mixing and dimming for extra smooth operation at the minimum brightness levels. The DL4F Wash produces a perfectly even light output via its front fresnel lens, and the fixture is optimized to give no shadows. (RGB breakups / shadows are not present even when the luminaire is rigged on a truss or very close to the object it is lighting). Mechanical features include a newly designed linear motorized zoom of 5.5° - 60°and a diffusion filter that extends the zoom up to 75°. The fixture uses an internal barn door module for shaping, comprising four individually controllable blades, and is rotatable by plus or minus 90 degrees. Advanced software features include RGBW or CMY colour mixing, a set of calibrated whites, CTO, Tungsten lamp emulation (amber shift) and more.

ParFect S1™
A powerful single source LED luminaire, the ParFect S1 is designed specifically to provide the highest quality of light. It is available in different colour temperatures to suit the application – a crisp 6000k white for exhibition/display ... or a warm 2700K for stage performance. High resolution DMX dimming and a native 23° output make it universally appealing. Designed and built entirely at Robe‘s Czech facility, the unit is housed in a lightweight composite material and finished in either black or white. Supplied complete with gel frame, detachable barn door set and swivel floor stand/hanging bracket. ParFect S1 is very competitively priced and offered with a full complement of additional options including beam diffusers and plug-in wireless DMX module.

ParFect H1™
This is a direct replacement for a traditional phase-dimmed line voltage luminaire. Internal electronics enable this powerful single-source LED unit to be controlled and dimmed through the power supply or from existing dimmers without modification. Available in different colour temperatures to suit the application – a crisp 6000k white for exhibition/display or a warm 2700K for stage performance - both with a native 23° output - give this unit a wide application base. Designed and built at Robe’s Czech manufacturing facility from a lightweight composite material the ParFect H1 can be finished in either black or white. It is supplied complete with gel frame, detachable barn door set and swivel floor stand/hanging bracket. ParFect H1 is very competitively priced and offered with a full complement of additional cost options including beam diffusers and plug-in wireless DMX module.

CycBar 15™
The Robin CycBar 15 is a lightweight static 1000mm linear strip which uses 15 equally spaced super-bright RGBW multichip LEDs for enhanced 18bit colour mixing and linear dimming without RGB ’breakup’ or grey shadows. Fixed but re-definable beam angle lenses of 7.4°, 21.2° and 34.6° are available, and optional diffusers can also be used.

Advanced pixel control driver software provides special features like the virtual colour wheel with pre-programmed colours and a set of true whites with CTO Tungsten lamp emulation and more. A practical and highly readable small display provides a menu with personality settings plus DMX and RDM protocols.


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