Lunera provides LED sports lighting for Texas State University recreation center

July 31, 2015
The picturesque San Marcos campus consists of a 486-acre main campus and 5,038 additional acres in recreational, instructional, farm and ranch land. The University’s facility manager was unhappy with the appearance of the Recreation Center due to the color drift of the existing metal halide lighting.

The school considered replacing the existing fixtures and was shocked at the high install and fixture cost. There were 100 metal halide lamps to be replaced and the busy recreation center couldn’t be disrupted very long for lighting replacements and maintenance. Then they found out about Lunera’s 400W plug-and-play LED Susan Lamps with BallastLED technology that could be used for LED sports lighting in this environment.

It took less than two days to install 100 high-bay Susan Lamps. To further minimize disruption, the Susan Lamp with its L70-rated lifetime of 50,000 hours will remove 5 lamp replacement cycles and eliminate ongoing maintenance costs in the LED sports lighting application.

The consistent 80+ CRI light color and improved light levels of the instant-on lamps made them the ideal solution. The Susan Lamp can also endure the high temperatures often found in high-bay installations thanks to Lunera’s ThermalIQ(TM) technology. The Bobcats will appreciate the dramatically improved interior LED sports lighting and be able to spend more for students and less on lighting energy costs.

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