CSD Group and Chauvet Professional set stage with LED lighting at Hebron Baptist Church

July 23, 2015
Denham Springs, LA.– Hebron Baptist Church’s roots run deep, all the way back to Saturday April 22, 1837, when a group of 12 devout people met to form a new house of worship for their growing community. Like any church or other institution that thrives over so many years, Hebron Baptist has remained deeply rooted in its beliefs, while always adapting to keep its message contemporary. This commitment to staying current is easy to see when looking at the theatrical lighting system in the church’s newly constructed building, which features a collection of Ovation ellipsoidal and Fresnel LED lighting fixtures from Chauvet Professional.

Providing an flat even light field, warm color temperature and a high color rendering index, the new LED lighting system gives the church’s stage a clean professional look, making it easier for worshipers to view and engage with services. CSD Group of Fort Wayne, IN, which designed and installed the new theatrical rig, used four Ovation E-190WW ellipsoidal fixtures with 26° lens tubes and 10 Ovation F-165WW Fresnel units.

“We positioned the Ovation fixtures over the audience and upstage on strategically placed light bars,” said Brent Mullett, AVL Systems consultant at CSD Group. “This positioning allowed us to achieve an even stage wash from all angles. It also gave the church the flexibility to move fixtures for different events and add fixtures in the future.”

As LED fixtures, the Ovation units offer the church significant maintenance and energy savings over comparative incandescent lighting. The LED fixtures are also quieter and generate less heat. Mullett notes, however, that were it not for the quality performance features of the Ovation fixtures, the church might not have been able to take advantage of LED technology.

“In the past, LED stage fixtures were either too expensive to justify the cost or not bright enough, so we couldn’t use them in a project of this kind,” he said. “The brightness and affordability of the Chauvet Ovation LED fixtures overcame this barrier though. They have provided a ‘go to’ fixture for this type of application. These fixtures have all but eliminated the need for conventional dimmed theatrical lighting instruments.”

CSD Group became involved in the Hebron Baptist project through its association with Kent Design Build of Covington, LA, which oversaw the construction of the church’s new facility. “Adam Martin from Kent DB brought us in to provide audio, video, theatrical lighting, and acoustic design services,” said Mullett. “Being a design build firm themselves, they understand the value of an AVLA design build solution.”

In addition to installing the new Ovation fixtures, CSD Group installed the church’s audio system, adding a digital mixing console and snake with personal stage mixers for in ear monitoring. CSD also added three video projectors to create an environmental projection system that provides video and graphics that wrapped the front upstage wall and left-right stage walls. The company also uses an architectural wall panel system to integrate both the house and theatrical control into one platform at entry areas.

As is often the case at churches, the new LED stage lighting system is run by volunteers. Mullett reports that the volunteer staff is doing well running the system, thanks to CSD’s onsite training and additional support, the quality of the fixtures and the user friendly Jands Vista software that controls the system. “They have a lot of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers at the church,” he said.

Enthusiasm and dedication are long held traditions at Hebron Baptist. Both have played a big role in keeping this Louisiana church vibrant for 178 years.

For more information on CSD Group visit www.csdus.com

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