Chauvet Professional achieves high-res video with 3.9-mm pixel-pitch PVP X3 LED video panel

July 6, 2015
SUNRISE, FL – As LED video wall technology has improved in quality, it’s becoming the new standard for displaying video images – in applications ranging from concerts and productions, to nightclubs and sports arenas -- thanks to the superior efficiency, reliability and flexibility it offers compared to traditional projection video. Now Chauvet Professional is meeting the rising demand for sharper, more detailed LED video displays with the PVP X3, a modular indoor LED video panel with a high-resolution pixel pitch of 3.9 mm.

In addition to having a tight 3.9 mm pixel pitch, the PVP X3 LED video panel utilizes SMD 2121 black body Tri-Color (red, green, blue) LEDs to produce the highest in class contrast and exceptional clarity of images. Each panel’s 500mm square display surface is densely outfitted with 16,384 LEDs, which emit a standard total illuminance of 1,560 NITS (which can easily be adjusted up to 2,100 NITS) for brilliant color reproduction of high resolution video content.

Featuring a wide viewing angle of 130°, the PVP X3 LED video panel will also provide clear visibility across an extremely broad area. “The resolution, brightness and contrast ratios of the PVP X3 are truly exceptional,” said Anthony Chiappone, Product Manager for Chauvet Professional. “It was designed to deliver a richly detailed viewing experience at both close-range and far-range distances for use in a wide variety of applications. We think that everyone who sees the superior images created by the PVP X3 will be impressed by how it takes high-pixel-resolution LED video to a whole new standard of performance.”

Ideal for rentals as well as permanent installations, the PVP X3 LED video panel also sets new standards when it comes to convenience and flexibility, allowing users to easily assemble video screens and walls of all sizes. Since manufacture of the panels is done via a computer guided CNC cutting process, the highest level of precision is achieved from unit to unit, for seamless modular connections. Hanging of the panels can be done quickly and effortlessly using Chauvet Professional’s RB-X50CM or RB-X200CM X-Series Rig Bars (sold separately). Installation can also be accomplished via M12 threaded inserts that are conveniently positioned on all four corners of each panel. Weighing just 8.5 kg each, the panel s are very lightweight and easy to handle.

Housed in sturdy die-cast aluminum, the PVP X3 LED video panel also sets new standards for rugged endurance and will withstand years of rental and touring use. Designed for easy serviceability, it features magnetic LED modules that can be quickly and painlessly replaced in the field, even right before a performance. However, with long-running LEDs that are rated at 50,000 hours, the need for replacements should be few and far between.

The PVP X3 LED video panel is compatible with LINSN control protocol and will work with Chauvet Professional’s VIP Driver interface and VIP Signal Distributor. It features Amphenol® XLR-net data connectors and Neutrik® powerCON. “With its low power consumption (only 115W), large sections of wall can be powered from a single circuit, saving time and labor during your load-in,” concluded Chiappone. “In fact, you can power link up to 16 units at 120V, 29 at 208V and an astounding 32 units at 230V. That’s an 8-square-meter surface area from just one circuit.”

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