AEG Worldwide retrofits L.A. Live entertainment venues with Deco LED lighting

Dec. 30, 2015
Staples Center and Microsoft Theater (Formerly Nokia Theatre L.A. Live) - Los Angeles, CA

Summary: AEG Worldwide (Anschutz Entertainment Group) upgraded over 100 metal-halide high bay fixtures in two of their most popular venues to next-generation DHBX-LED high bays from Deco Lighting. The goal was to increase the lifetime of the lighting system, cut maintenance costs, and lower energy expenditures for the two venues located at L.A. Live.

Opportunity: Owned by AEG Worldwide, the Staples Center and Microsoft Theater (formerly Nokia Theatre L.A. Live) host many high-caliber events, including basketball games and live concerts. With large venues, there is a high demand for powerful, quality lighting that can light up the large space or add flare to entertainment events. The previous 1000W metal-halide high bay
fixtures in both venues drew a substantial amount of power and had high maintenance costs since the bulbs degraded quickly and needed to be replaced on a regular basis. The goal for both entertainment venues was to increase the lifetime of their lighting system and reduce maintenance costs associated with replacing lights.

“We are pleased that AEG has selected Deco Lighting to help them with their lighting needs, and we look forward to working with them on future projects around the world.”
Ben Pouladian | President, Deco Lighting

Solution: After testing multiple fixtures from a few different manufacturers, the venues decided to go with top quality, energy-saving LED lighting from Deco Lighting. The 1000W metal-halide fixtures were replaced with 240W Deco Digital DHBX-LED high bays, which feature virtually zero maintenance cost.

The Staples Center installed 60 DHBX-LED fixtures and uses them for maintenance and live performances, while the Microsoft Theater installed 31 fixtures and uses them as work lights. The DHBX-LED provides excellent light distribution and is UL-listed for wet locations. With an L70 lifetime rating of 100,000+ hours and DLC-listing for substantial utility rebates, this was an excellent upgrade for the venues to increase the efficiency of their lighting system and provide more consistent illumination for attendees.

- 76% Expected Energy Savings
- 1.7 Year Estimated Payback
- 10 Year Warranty Including Labor

Benefits: LED lighting provides vastly superior lighting quality compared to older options, such as metal-halide and fluorescent lighting, which may color shift and quickly lose lumen output over the course of their lifetime. Additionally, newer LED lighting solutions provide illumination that is evenly distributed and incredibly bright while still being comfortable on the eyes. The pure, clear
illumination will provide attendees with an enhanced viewing experience during entertainment events and allow them to witness every detail of a game or concert in stunning clarity.

Switching to the 240W DHBX-LED will lead to 76% energy savings compared to a 1000W metal-halide fixture. The Staples Center and Microsoft Theater expect their total energy savings to be $42,408 per year and result in a quick payback period of just 20 months.

On top of that, their new LED lighting system emits significantly less heat than metal-halide bulbs and will lessen the need for costly cooling to combat the heat output from the lighting system. Fixture lifetime has increased from 30,000 hours with the metal-halide to 120,000 hours with the DHBX-LED, dramatically reducing maintenance costs and the need to replace bulbs.

As a final benefit, the Staples Center and Microsoft Theater can rest assured knowing that their new fixtures are covered by the best warranty in the
industry, which covers both labor and LED driver for a period of 10 years or 100,000 hours. If there is any problem with any of their new LED fixtures over the next ten years, Deco will come out and fix it free of charge. That’s the Deco Lighting promise.

End User: Staples Center / Microsoft Theater
Distributor: Regency Lighting

LED Products Used:
240W DHBX-LED Indoor High Bay
Performance Data:
CRI: 70+ and 80+ option
CCT: 4000K, 5000K
Warranty: 10 yr. Limited Warranty
Dimming: Available with 0-10V inputs dimming down to 10%
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +55°C (-40°F to +149°F)
L70 Rating: 100,000+ Hours
IP Rating: IP65 for spray down/ IP66 when surface mount, U-bracket, and center pole
Driver Current: 700mA
BUG Rating: 120W - B4 U0 G1; 240W - B4 U3 G5
Regulatory Qualifications:
UL8750 & UL1598/1598B
Suitable for Wet Locations
DLC Listed
Buy American Act Compliant


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