Aeon Lighting Technology's LED sports lighting improves energy efficiency at Japan's national badminton court

June 15, 2015
A national badminton court located in Tobe, Ehime, Japan has installed with all new ALTLED® LED sports lighting by Aeon Lighting Technology to create a more energy saving and standard compliant sports venue for national competition. It is also the predefined venue for the badminton event during the 2017 national sports festival of Japan, equipped with 10 badminton courts.

The court’s ceiling is 16 metershigh, and the court’s total area is at least 2,040 square meters. The contractor for this project installed 201 pieces of ALTLED® Lodestar series 145W floodlights, providing exceptional LED sports lighting and helped achieve the international average lux requirements for badminton courts. The ceiling height increases the difficulty in installing the lamps, and the construction cost is so high that repairing one lamp at a time is impossible, so the lamp quality and lifespan are much more important in sports lighting projects.

ALT’s Lodestar series floodlights and streetlights from 25-285W have received PSE certification, compliant with Japan's safety regulations for electrical appliances. ALTLED® offers a variety of beam angles and color temperatures that can easily fulfill every lighting need. Most of all, product stability surpasses many other brands by maintaining consistent performance even in high and low temperature environments. All these characteristics are instrumental in winning over contractors' confidence in choosing ALT’s LED sports lighting for this national badminton court. With quality light and good service of lighting simulation, lighting design, and construction from lthe ocal contractor, the court was finally refurnished anew.

After installing ALTLED® LED sports lighting, the court’s horizontal illuminance, average illuminance, and glare all achieve the standards for international badminton court, at the same time saving 85%-90% on energy. What’s even better, in the event of the lights being cut off from a sudden power shortage, they could be turned back on with 100% brightness instantly, preventing further delays to the competition.


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