Event production team White Light brings lighting style to fashion show

June 24, 2015
Sunday 14th June marked an important day in the fashion calendar with contemporary designer label KTZ launching its Men’s Spring and Summer 2016 Collection. Located at Pulse, one of the largest nightclubs in London, the launch saw designer Marjan Pejoski showcase his latest catalogue, having created several new designs from what he describes as “unusual industrial materials” such as aluminium, electric tape and rubber. Due to Pulse being located under a series of railway arches, along with the style of Pejoski’s designs, the show opted for an industrial feel and, due to it being such an integral part of the event, it was vital that the lighting reflected this theme. Having previously provided their services on several other fashion shows, White Light was asked to supply both the lighting and power on this occasion.

Since it was founded in 2003, KTZ has built a strong reputation for designing both men and women’s clothing and is known for its raw energy and contemporary urban edginess. Their designer outfits have attracted many famous admirers, including rappers Kayne West and Wiz Khalifa. For this particular launch, White Light worked closely with set designer Philip Cooper who created the physical layout for the show. He states: “Fashion shows are clearly all about style but this has to be reflected in every aspect. I wanted the show to have a very dystopian aesthetic which was ideal for the setting in which the collection was being showcased. When I approached White Light with my ideas they were extremely accommodating, advised what lighting and equipment I should use and ultimately fulfilled any request I had of them”.
Led by White Light’s Adam Walker, he states: “Philip wanted the lighting to be suspended across the barbed wire fencing which would form the cat walk. Therefore we decided to use Encapsulite lights as these would not only help to create the feel which Philip was striving for but could be fitted flexibly within the building’s unique structure”. As well as providing the lighting, White Light also supplied the power for the event. Adam comments: “By powering the event, it was our task to ensure that numerous aspects of the show ran smoothly; whether this was the photographers’ lighting on the catwalk or the make-up mirrors backstage”.

Some of the radical outfits on display included trench coats covered in panels of white plastic PVC as well as vest and short combos, patched together with leather motorcycle logos and complete with trailing parachutes. As Pulse is a fully operational venue, White Light had a limited window in which it could actually prepare for the event. Philip remarks: “Timing was key with this show. Pulse actually had an event the previous evening so White Light literally had a day to come in, set everything up and then prepare for the evening’s events”. Adam adds: “It was a very tight schedule yet one we were able to work with. The more fashion shows we do, the more easily we can adapt to their fast pace and are able to provide the best results within a limited time-frame”. Philip adds: “White Light was an absolute pleasure to work with. The entire team was dependable, efficient and unbelievably helpful. Most importantly, they managed to capture the feel of what I wanted for the occasion”.

The KTZ Men’s Spring and Summer 2016 Collection Launch was another successful event for White Light, who regularly provides its services for London Fashion Week. Adam states: “Shows such as this really allow us to push the boundaries and ensure that our high standards and reputation are maintained in a variety of environments”. The event once again proves that White Light is a constantly growing presence in the fashion industry, with the complete production solution specialist now becoming the first choice for supplying several fashion shows.

Photos courtesy of IMAXTree

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Adam Hughes - White Light
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