SGM's Q-7 W LED floodlight produces even lightbox illumination at event booth

Sept. 9, 2015
When lighting designer Owen Pritchard-Smith from Spirit Design was tasked with the light setting for Nobel Biocare’s stand at EuroPerio 2015 in ExCeL London, he met a challenge that led him to test out many different fixtures on the market.

The design and production of the exhibition stand was carried out by Andreas Messerli AG. As part of their stand design, three light boxes were hung from the ceiling. With open top, the boxes were on all other sides covered with white fabric. They were to be lit from above with enough light to travel through the fabric to create an up lit bar environment underneath.

The Challenge
Owen Pritchard-Smith explains: “With only a metre or so between the truss and the fabric, I needed to find a fixture with a very wide beam angle, and little or no hot spot. It also needed to be bright enough to fight against the general lighting in ExCeL and the MSR PARs around the rest of the stand.”

With the help from Blinding Light, Owen tried and tested many different luminaires, but as he said: “none of them ticked all the boxes for what I required”. That was, however, until they tracked down a Q-7 W LED floodlight with its cool white illumination for him to test… “As soon as I powered it up, I knew it was exactly what I needed for the job”, he affirms.

The LED Result
Thus, Blinding Light supplied 16 Q-7 W LED floodlight fixtures, which were mounted in the rig for a perfect result. The Nobel Biocare stand appeared in its pure, clean and white atmosphere suitable for a professional and innovative dental technology supplier.

“With a beam angle of 110 degree and an output of 60,000 lumen it lit the material box and through to the area underneath with ease. I actually had to reduce the intensity to 50% because they were TOO bright! Their power consumption was great, and they did exactly what I expected from them. I ran them in stand-alone mode with no issues, powering them on and off every day for a week. They worked alongside and complimented the rest of the rig perfectly, standing their ground amongst the MSR Power PARS”, Owen concludes.