OK LED's HiCloud high bays are installed at Swiss tennis court as LED sports lighting

Nov. 4, 2015
OK LED's Swiss customer has purchased 57 HiCloud LED high bay for an LED sports lighting project at an indoor tennis court. The customer purchased 41 200W, 50-degree, 4000K LED high bays and 16 120W, 50-degree, 4000K fixtures to meet the following LED sports lighting needs:

1. The installation height was 12m - so the company advised him to take the 50-degree LED high bays for this installation height
2. The corners of the tennis court did not have to be as bright as the center playing surface area, so 120W LED high bays were used in the corners of the facility to save more energy
3. In the sports area, it is essential to have soft light so that people won’t be bothered by glare when they are having fun and playing hard; that is why the 4000K CCT was suggested, for better entertainment
After the replacement with LED sports lighting, the customer has been very satisfied with the results.

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