Global Tech LED supplies LED sports lighting for Notre Dame High School football

Global Tech LED continues to raise the bar with revolutionary LED products and is proud to announce that its new Sports Lighter was recently purchased to illuminate the Notre Dame High School Football Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona. The design, installation and aiming was contracted to Sports Sentry Systems. “Six New Towers and appx 125-1000W LED Fixtures were used to deliver the required light levels”, said Jeff Newman, President of Global Tech LED.

Power consumption of the new LED sports lighting system is approximately 40% less than a conventional metal halide system, and 5600K Lumileds "TLEDs" were incorporated into the fixture, thereby delivering a much higher quality of light over typical metal halide lighting.

Not all LED products are created equal, and our Sports Lighter is 20% more energy efficient and typically 50% less costly than other LED sports lighting products on the market today, outperforming the competition, and demonstrating the quality commitment driving our innovation.

Moving consumers away from inferior, inefficient imports is our goal, and we do so by extending our leadership in LED innovation and creation of products that transform the marketplace, while providing customers who demand high-quality lighting with our USA made products.


Jeff Newman, President - Global Tech LED
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