Yes-Tech Magic Stage LED display has quick-mount installation options

Jan. 28, 2015
Yes-Tech Magic LED display MG5 installs wherever you want.

Product Features:

1) Lightweight (4.3KG/cabinet)
2) Fast installation (insert & twist in 15 seconds)
3) Standard panel size (500mm* 500mm), covers all resolution from P3.9 to P16mm; you can form any size, any shape, dislocation installation
4) Suitable for numerous applications, indoor & outdoor, or use as a dance floor, most economical LED display solution
5) Curveable: ±15, allows infinite creativity
6) Excellent quality (CE, FCC, ROHS, TUV certifications)
7) Worry-free after-sales service (fluent English speaking technician 24/7/365 online). Get direct technical support anytime on your command.

Factory advantage: We can be your reliable factory supplier (leading manufacturer in China).

Strong equipment support:
* We own a 25,000 sq.m dust-free work shop with 300 employees, 3 LED screen production lines and 2 LED lighting production lines.
* Strong equipment support: Auto-paste, automatic coating, auto-potting, wave soldering, automatic reflow soldering, automatic plug-in machines.
* Excellent quality guarantee: Automatic module aging line, automatic glue cooling line, waterproof test machine.

Company profile
HUNAN XINYASHENG TECHNOLOGY & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD (Yes-Tech) was established in 2001. It is a professional LED product manufacturer, supported by R&D, production and sales, etc. Our head office is located at No.108 Qingzhuhu Road, Kaifu District, and Changsha City, Hunan Province, with a branch in Shenzhen and Singapore; branch sales office in Shanghai and Changchun.

Yes-Tech has been exploring LED technology for years. We are dedicated to putting our research results into practice and achieving commercialization, marketization and large-scale production. Through research, Yes-Tech has developed several LED products and system integration software, and obtained patents for that. Moreover, we established a research foundation for LED screen and LED lighting technology with universities. Currently we have two main application products: LED display screens and LED lighting. We are also trying to extend into other application fields.

Relying on advanced management mode, first-class technology, excellent products and perfect service, Yes-Tech products have widely covered government, education, finance, media, transportation, electric power, military, commercial, and sports field applications, and the company has built an international LED industry platform. Yes-Tech has implemented tens of thousands of LED display projects around the world and has brought its vision and built friendly strategic partner relationships with more than 60 countries and regions, including France, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Canada, Egypt, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, etc.

Yes-Tech LED products are the leader in quality and confidence in the LED industry. Yes-Tech passed the China Compulsory Certification (CCC), ISO9001 quality management system certification and CE certification; meanwhile we have gained the national scientific and technological innovation-oriented SME and the Key Recommended Enterprise for New Products, AAA level member company of quality and State Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprise for Sci-Tech.


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