Kaiser Showtechnik to stock Astera wireless LED event lighting in Germany

Aug. 5, 2015
Munich, Germany – Astera has partnered with Kaiser Showtechnik GmbH as a stocking dealer for Astera’s wireless LED event lights in Germany. Kaiser is based in Augsburg, Bavaria, but will operate nationally. From September 2015, Kaiser will keep stock of Astera’s core product line of Lightdrop™ (AX3) units, and SpotLite™ (AX7) / SpotMax™ (AX10) fixtures for its rental and sales stock (including accessories).

Commenting on the partnership, Sebastian Bückle, sales & marketing director at Astera, said, “We look forward to the opportunity to partner with Kaiser Showtechnik, who provides a high-end platform for customers to appreciate our products. We are very pleased to have Kaiser as the third wholesaler of Astera products in Germany. Our wireless event fixtures are already available from Art Evolution, based in Frankfurt, and direct from Astera, based in Munich.”

Kaiser Showtechnik is a specialist audio/visual company based in Germany. With a vast selection of sound equipment, rigs, lights, and video production fixtures available, it is perfect for sourcing the finest kit on the business. Kaiser Showtechnik offers retail and dry-hire options. Astera develops and manufactures the brightest and most compact wireless spotlights on the market. www.kaiser-showtechnik.de
Astera offers a tailored variety of wireless lighting solutions for event and lighting designers, production companies, DJs, wedding organizers, and corporate event management companies.


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