Chauvet Professional LED event lighting enhances contemporary theme at First Pentecostal Holiness Church

Aug. 19, 2015
GOLDSBORO, NC– The First Pentecostal Holiness Church in this picturesque city on the Carolina coastal plain is steeped in tradition. Established by A.B. Crumpler in 1898, it was the first house of worship to carry the Pentecostal Holiness name, which is why it’s regarded as the “mother church” of the IPHC denomination.

Although it is rich in history, this thriving church also has its eyes fixed firmly on the future, particularly as it relates to reaching young worshippers. This is abundantly (and beautifully!) evident in the church’s new Student Worship Center, a 21,000 square foot facility that reaches young congregation members with colorful scenic elements and an engaging lighting system created by the CSD Group using a collection of LED event lighting fixtures from Chauvet Professional.

The spacious new facility is divided into four independent areas for 5 to 18-year-olds. Designer and art director Boyce Mckinney of Creative Services (Stanley, NC) developed scenic elements that tickle the imagination of the young students in two of the sections. For the youngest children, the worship area was designed around a ranger station theme with nice touches like a puppet hut built into a tree trunk that’s used for telling bible stories. The area for older elementary school students is an exciting space station with an eye catching CO2 jet system. Middle and high school students have their own separate worship areas, each with full AVL systems, theatrical lighting, trussing, truss warmers and moving fixtures.

“We used Chauvet lighting throughout all four areas, because its colorful output is critical to helping us create an environment that connects to young people,” said Brent Mullett, AVL systems consultant at the CSD Group. “Senior Pastor Bill Rose and Executive Pastor John Howard contacted us after construction of the new student facility was underway, because they worked with us before and knew we could deliver a solution that would enhance the center’s engaging design. They shared our commitment to creating an all-LED system at this facility to minimize power draw and costs.”

Mullett included 16 Ovation E-190WW warm white ellipsoidal LED event lighting fixtures and 14 Ovation F-165WW Fresnel fixtures in the Student Worship Center design. “We used these two fixtures in all four of the youth worship areas,” he said. “The Ovation E-190s are used as stage spots. Their smooth even field of light makes it easier for kids to stay focused on what’s happening on stage. We counted on the F-165s as a stage wash, and their wide zoom ranges (25°-76°) and bright, even output have given us excellent results.”

The Ovation ellipsoidal and Fresnel LED event lighting fixtures are both hung from truss over the audience. “By placing them on trussing over the audience, it allowed enough distance for the light beams to cover more area,” said Mullett. “The Ovation fixtures were easily the best option for general LED stage lighting due to the brightness.”

Although the stage lighting design is performing flawlessly in all four areas of the Student Worship Center, installing the system was not without its challenges, according to Mullett. “We had to fit the theatrical trussing and associated lighting instruments around the building infrastructure, which is characterized by low ceilings in some areas and short depths of rooms,” he said. “The throw distances and even field of the Ovation fixtures certainly helped us meet this challenge. “The CSD team was also assisted greatly on getting everything to fit by Jim Heidenreich, the General Contractor from Heiden & Associates in Goldsboro.”

Another Chauvet Professional fixture that has been positioned in all four areas of the Student Worship Center is the COLORdash Accent RGBW LED event lighting fixture. The engaging scenic elements in the center created some tight spaces that would have been challenging to light with larger fixtures, so Mullett relied on the 36 of the compact COLORdash units to cover these spots. He also positioned the units at key areas, such as on top of columns to accentuate the theatrical element of the center’s design.

In addition to the Chauvet Professional fixtures used at the center, CSD incorporated three Chauvet DJ products into the lighting design: the COLORtube 3.0 EQ linear RGB tube, the Intimidator Spot LED 350, and the Intimidator Spot LED 250. The 18 COLORtubes were critical to creating the space station effect in the older elementary student area. “We embedded them in the space room set,” said Mullett. “The church loves that these fixtures give them the ability to be able to have a lighting effect within the set and still be able to change its colors.”

Mullett used six Intimidator Spot LED 350 and four Intimidator Spot LED 250 fixtures within the space room, as well as in the high school student worship area. The high output moving heads are positioned upstage and aimed back toward the audience. Although moving heads like the Intimidator were a rarity in church lighting designs not too long ago, Mullett notes that there is wide acceptance of movers in house of worship installations today.

“Many churches are accepting moving fixtures used in many different ways,” he said. “It all depends on the church, the programming and audience. The lighting systems and intelligent fixtures are viewed as ministry tools used to communicate the message of Christ in the fast-paced world we live in.”

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