PixelFLEX LED video panels hit the stage with the "Electric Tundra" EDM Concert at the University at Buffalo

Aug. 24, 2015
Striving to make the undergraduate student experience as fulfilling as possible, the University at Buffalo Student Association hosts a series of memorable events throughout the year. As the organization got set to produce the EDM concert “Electric Tundra” headlined by Bingo Players and featuring 3LAU and DNNYD, the local production staff was asked to create a high-energy atmosphere inside the Alumni Arena, and needed lightweight LED video panels that could also create quality HD projections so they chose the FLEXCurtain HD from PixelFLEX.

“On ‘Electric Tundra’ we had the challenge to present a national headlining act with limited setup time on a small stage with a video wall, all on a tight budget,” began production manager, Katie Gilliland, University at Buffalo Center for the Arts. “Inside the 6,500 seat arena, equipment cannot be hung from the roof and we didn't have time to build our normal ground-supported power system. We needed to look at lightweight video wall options that could be ground supported. It was really the weight of FLEXCurtain HD panels that originally sold us and we were able to create a 20’ x 8’ video wall that weighed only 250 lbs.”

The PixelFLEX FLEXCurtain HD is a flexible LED wall that offers a variety of advantages over the competition. FLEXCurtain HD LED panels are ultralight, offer extremely crisp and sharp video and image playback, and 500-square feet can be setup and broken down in under 15 minutes using the convenient quick-lock system.

Gilliland continued, “With our limited setup time, it was an advantage that the FLEXCurtain HD panels loaded-in easily, locked together quickly, and then loaded-out just as simple. We had both a student and a professional technician who had never worked with these LED panels before, but they were able to assemble the full system in only a few minutes.”

Going into the concert, Gilliland and the tech staff were familiar with the operation of LED video walls, but they had never worked with the PixelFLEX range before. Needing to make sure they had the ideal pixel pitch to bring their content to life, they worked with the team at PixelFLEX to find the right model of FLEXCurtain HD LED panels.

“While this was the first event that used this type of lightweight LED video wall, it wasn’t our first experience working with video walls,” concluded Gilliland. “Our main concern going into the concert was the pixel pitch since our content would be HD and included text. To make sure we chose the right video wall, we worked with PixelFLEX and loaded our content onto a demo wall to create a sample video. Afterwards we decided that the FLEXCurtain HD CCHD-12.5 model would be the best option and it worked great the night of the show.”

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David Venus - PixelFLEX