Core Lighting's ColourPoint Mk 2 wireless LED lights illuminate Brit Awards after-party

March 24, 2015
South London based event production company PR Live used nearly 200 x Core Lighting ColourPoint Mk 2 battery powered wireless LED lights to illuminate corridors, hallways, and various other key and linking areas at the Warner Music after-party following the 2015 Brit Awards.

The event was staged at the Freemason’s Hall in Covent Garden, with PR Live responsible for delivering all the necessary technical production, a task co-ordinated for them by Justin Hammond.
He commented, “The ColourPoint Mk 2s were absolutely vital to establishing the correct look, feel and general ambience we wanted of the venue, which was divided into multiple areas all of which needed to be linked and feel part of the whole after-party ‘experience’ as well as having their individual identities.”

PR Live owns vast quantities of ColourPoint Mk 2s and provided 72 of the fixtures used on this event – one of the highest profile of several after-parties taking place around London after the Brits at the O2. Another 126 ColourPoint Mk 2 wireless LED lights were supplied by dedicated wireless lighting rental specialist, Wireless Lighting, also based in south London.

There is limited power available in the venue and almost no convenient plug-sockets due to its age and history, so the only option to illuminate these correlating areas neatly and efficiently … was using wireless technology – of which the UK manufactured Core products are market leaders.

The other parameters was the length of time the units needed to be on which was from 2 p.m. in the afternoon to 3 a.m. the following morning and the amount of light emitted, so the bright, wireless ColourPoint Mk 2 uplight with its long illumination cycle was a perfect solution … and once again.

In addition to providing intense illumination with its 2000 lumens of output over a protracted time period, the quality of light from the Core products is extremely high Core’s ColourPoint Mk2 is a lightweight lithium battery powered LED event up-lighter with full wireless DMX control.

Although not relevant for this installation, it is IP65 rated and fully weatherized for outdoor as well as indoor use. The output can illuminate up to 3 stories of architecture / buildings / space, as well as medium sized trees and foliage. It’s excellent for powerful wall-washing in marquees, tents and rooms … or, as was the case here, for highly effective shooting of tight columns of light up drapes and walls.

New features on the Mk 2 wireless LED light include a selection of inbuilt programmes including ‘colour scroll’, selectable ‘master/slave’ modes and PWM frequency control, the latter giving flicker-free operation for cameras – so great for video shoots, TV studios and other broadcast applications.

A DMX output enables the fixture to be used as a wireless DMX receiver to control other nearby wireless DMX lights.

Utilizing the latest quad-chip RGBW technology, the colour mixing is smooth and homogenized and as with all Core products, it’s robustly designed and built to withstand life on the road … all which is helping it to become the up-lighter of choice for numerous rental companies like PR Live and Wireless Lighting.

Photo courtesy PR Live


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