Systematic Automation's spin cure system provides UV curing without mirrors to degrade UV LED intensity

Feb. 17, 2016
The Model UVSP (U.S. Patent # 6,397,491 B1) is designed for those who demand outstanding UV LED curing performance, energy efficiency and the highest overall value. The UVSP has a true focused 360 degree cure, not uneven and marginal “spin on the fly” curing as found on in-line conveyor systems. And there is direct UV LED exposure that does not rely on mirrors for 360 degree coverage, which you will find with conventional cylindrical UV LED systems. Mirrors degrade UV LED intensity.

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Universal vacuum plates securely hold most cylindrical products without the need for special holding nests. When special holding nests are needed, such as for small diameter tubes, the nest (or spindles) insert into the vacuum plate center hole without tools. The standard vacuum plates accept product diameters up to 7.5” (190 mm) and larger sizes can be accommodated. There is flexibility for the vacuum plates to accept cylindrical and irregular shaped items. Sizes from ball point pen barrels to gallon containers are typical. Change over from one product to another is very easy to set up.

The entire print area is rotated through the UV LED focal point to maximize the effect of the UV LED light rays. The UVSP system allows adjustment of indexing and rotation speed. Uniformity of cure is guaranteed. Once parts are loaded, no rollers, belts, or escapement adjustments are necessary.

The Ultra LED System (18 watts/cm2 irradiance) on the UVSP provides ample power while being compact. Ultra LED emitters can last +20,000 hours. Your investment will pay for itself.

UV LED is a long term solution that is cost effective. You will save significantly on energy and disposal costs that you would normally incur from conventional mercury vapor lamps. The emitters from the system turn on instantly, without warm-up. The Ultra LED is liquid cooled providing you with more curing power and less noise compared to standard fan cooled LED systems.

All of these features are available in one compact machine requiring minimal floor space. The combination of the UVSP and the UltraLED offers value through technologically advanced designs that increase uptime and lower operating costs.


Sales Department - Systematic Automation Inc.