Emergency vehicle LED lighting gets more visible and more rugged with co-molded silicones from Dow Corning

Oct. 25, 2016
The Challenge
One rainy night, a motorist calls 9-1-1 for help after getting into a “fender bender” accident with another vehicle. An unmarked police cruiser is the first to arrive on the scene at the dark intersection of two country roads. Suddenly, the plain-looking police vehicle lights up the night. Its previously “invisible” lights send bright warning lights far down the road to alert other motorists of the hazard ahead. The lighting also helps the officer see the accident scene and helps other motorists see the officer.

SoundOff Signal takes its job of manufacturing emergency vehicle lighting and warning electronics seriously. Already a global leader in this type of lighting, the company wanted to create a new, next-generation design to add to their popular lighting options for law enforcement, emergency and amber vehicles.

This employee-owned company in Hudsonville, Michigan, set out to create a new light with a smaller footprint, intense lighting, high quality and long life. The light would need the overall durability to withstand dirt, wet and extreme weather, gravel impacts and other road conditions. In addition to being rugged, the light’s materials must offer good photothermal stability to avoid yellowing from intense UV exposure.

SoundOff Signal turned to the team of LED lighting silicone experts at Dow Corning Corporation for recommendations and support for their new design ideas.

Find out how SoundOff Signal successfully put Dow Corning’s prototypes, made from Moldable Optical Silicones, to the test. Read the full case study.


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