CBC’s ‘The Goods’ premieres with cutting-edge LED video wall set engineered and installed by Advanced

Dec. 15, 2016
CBC’s newest talk show, “The Goods,” has generated a great deal of buzz since its premier last month — thanks to its stimulating segments and cutting- edge video wall set installed by Advanced. The dazzling set is comprised of multiple NEC X555UNV video walls including a 2x8 main wall display, a 1x6 display, and three single displays that are used throughout each broadcast.

“Once we were officially selected for the job by CBC, we installed the attention-grabbing set with cutting-edge NEC displays that are gorgeous, fully functional, and extremely engaging. They have really served as a staple on the show thus far,” said Advanced President David Weatherhead.

When deciding which displays would be best suited for the program, the Advanced team narrowed the options down to several model options that would guarantee fantastic clarity, image and colour uniformity, and high resolution. First and foremost, it was necessary for the studio cameras to be able to seamlessly capture the displays from tight angles in the studio without a moiré effect — the visual perception that often creates “fuzzy” lines while trying to capture a screen on camera.

“The latest generation of NEC displays are really advanced, especially for this particular application,” Advanced Vice President of Engineering Kevin Linton said. “There is absolutely no moiré effect when filming these displays. Between the color formatting, the narrow bezels, and the high resolution, we knew that NEC’s X555UNV panels would be ideal for the show.”

All of the set’s displays were installed in portrait orientation throughout the studio in varying sizes for different purposes. The main display, which is a portrait made up of a 2x8 panel configuration, serves as a backsplash to the main table and chairs set, with relevant graphics, images and videos played throughout the talk show accordingly. Another 1x6 panel display is used during the cooking segments of the show, which is filmed in a separate section of the set.

Despite the extensiveness of the project, the hardware installation was completed in record-breaking time. By utilizing Advanced’s custom designed and fabricated mounting system specifically tailored for studio environments, the team was able to rapidly install each display in portrait

mode. “Our end of the project took less than three days from beginning to completion, which is a short amount of time given the scope of what we were able to accomplish,” Linton explained. “Advanced’s custom mounting system, specifically created for this application, made it possible.”

“The set designer, show producers and hosts are extremely happy with the displays,” Linton continued. “Video walls are increasingly becoming prevalent in broadcast studios, and they are being integrated more and more into a show’s actual content. Whether they are used as a graphic backsplash or for interactive purposes, the quality of the display makes all the difference.”


Jess Passananti - for Advanced
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