Robe debuts Spiider LED wash light for entertainment lighting

Sept. 28, 2016
The global launch of Robe’s highly anticipated new product and “Next Big Thing” - the Spiider - took place on 15th September 2016 - following an innovative and fun teaser video and a huge amount of chatter that helped ramp excitement within lighting and visuals communities.
Spiider is set to redefine the parameters of moving LED wash light technology … and judging by the immediate reaction and comments ... it will make major impact as another amazing and creative lighting tool from Robe.

Spiider is a brand new LED Wash luminaire. It builds on the extreme success of Robe’s best-selling ‘industry standard’ LEDWash series … with a completely new concept and incredible optics. It has one super bright 60W RGBW LED multichip in the centre which is surrounded by 18 x 30W RGBW LED multichips, and it is this optical design that resembles the spider’s web that gave rise to the name.

The Spiider is also so much more than ‘just’ a wash! It can be used as a beam, and - a first for LED wash light stage luminaires - it has an eye-popping flower effect! The impressive zoom goes from 4 - 48 degrees, while the light output is outstanding, offering more than 50.000 lumens at 5 metres.

Spiider has all the great features that made Robe’s LEDWash series such a well-respected industry-wide product for all applications, including a virtual colour wheel, tungsten lamp emulation, individual pixel control, in-built wireless DMX on request and loads more.

Robe’s CEO Josef Valchar confirms, “Spiider is really something special which everybody will love!”

After PLASA, Spiiders will be stopping the show at LDI in Las Vegas and also available for individual demos via Robe’s worldwide distribution network.


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