Plessey's Steve Edwards discusses horticultural lighting at LED Professional Symposium

Sept. 21, 2016
Plymouth, ENGLAND – Plessey has announced that Steve Edwards, Solid State Lighting Fixtures Product Line Director at Plessey will discuss why ‘It’s not just about light’ at the SSL Technologies for Horticulture Applications workshop in Bregenz, Austria, at the LED Professional Symposium 2016 show on Thursday 22nd September.

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The SSL Technologies for Horticulture Applications workshop is organised by the European Photonics Industry Consortium and will focus on the latest trends for horticultural lighting applications and technologies. Today LED lighting can stimulate plant growth by up to 40%. Durable and long lasting LED based lighting solutions are the green alternative to standard horticultural lighting. They can significantly stimulate plant growth while drastically reducing energy consumption through the use of targeted lighting at 730, 660 and 450 nanometers. LEDs provide the perfect lighting for all types of plants and flowers, allowing the grower to adapt the light exactly to the needs of various crops.

Steve Edwards will discuss why horticultural lighting has had a paradigm shift with the use of LED technology enabling growers to isolate and mix wavelengths that are more effective in promoting consistent and healthy plant growth, with the possibility of enabling season extension or all year round growing and increasing yield.

Steve Edwards said: “’With the advent of wide-spectral range LED horticultural lighting, the ability to maximise photosynthetic response in plants through a combination of improved spectral range and quick and efficient switching cycles is now possible. In addition, LEDs have enabled many other advantages, to name a few: longer lifespan, lower power consumption, less radiant heat directed at the plants and the ability to control spectral composition.”

Plessey’s Attis-7 LED grow light is being showcased on booth F6 at the LED Professional Symposium show. The Attis-7 LED grow light is targeted towards commercial, research and university growers. The attis-7 features:

• Proven energy saving and plant response
• No cooling fan
• High efficiency, patented hear dissipation design
• Built in power supply

Plessey is a leading expert in the manufacture of semiconductor products used in sensing, measurement and controls applications, and is now at the forefront of the Solid State Lighting revolution. Its MaGIC™ (Manufactured on GaN-on-Si I/C) LED technology has won numerous awards for its innovation and ability to cut the cost of LED lighting by using standard silicon manufacturing techniques. By using its understanding of electronics and expertise in micro-electronic product design and manufacture, Plessey is radically enhancing the human experience with micro-electronics solutions such that people achieve more than they thought possible.