Ningbo Mayyard develops Spotlight Series LED lamps including MR16 and GU10

Jan. 1, 2016
With the growing popularity of LED lamps, a demand for various specifications and models for LED lighting in the market is greater, with LED lamps mainly used for decorative and commercial lighting. Ningbo Mayyard Photoelectricity Co., Ltd is a company specializing in the development, production and sale of diodes and lighting manufacturing; the Spotlight Series LED lamps have the following advantages:

1) Size standards
LED lamps include MR16, GU10 spotlight; the diameter is around 50mm; can perfectly replace existing halogen lamps.

2) Spot uniformity, high color rendering index
Spot uniformity, no yellow circle, no dark areas, no glare. Color temperature is 2700K-6500K, color rendering index is above 80. The beam angle can meet customer requirements, such as 24°, 36°, 60° angle. The light source emits no UV radiation.

3) Appearance beautiful, meticulous workmanship
Structure and appearance is a result of professional design; the material is thermally conductive plastic with aluminum, or die-casting kit materials, with good heat dissipation, to ensure the maintenance of a high luminous flux, achieving low light failure.

4) Dimmable
According to customer requirements, ithe LED lamps are dimmable, and are compatible with a lot of triac dimmer brands, such as Philips, Siemens, Schneider, etc. Dimming depth is up to 5%-100%, with no flicker, no noise; exhibit dimming and power consistency; meet CE, ROHS, FCC grade standards, so they can meet global customer demand.

5) Long lifespan, high luminous efficiency, low light failure
With high quality materials, according to the company's advanced management mode and production process, the LED lamps are produced under strict conditions with aging, testing and other relevant standards and processes. The products feature high luminous efficiency, luminous flux attenuation, and lifespan of up to three years, to ensure that each product represents a good experience for the user.


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