PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT | Entertainment Lighting & Controls

March 27, 2024
LEDs Magazine rounds up some of the latest entertainment lighting, accessories, and controls for creating exciting experiences.



Entertainment lighting and controls bear the weight of expectations for enhancing live events without complicating deployment and operation by technical staff that would interfere with performances. Lighter-weight fixtures and portable lights, lighting that disappears into the environment, and controls that simplify connectivity and configuration while expanding color and effects options deliver memorable experiences.


Black PCB Striplight and Channel Systems, Environmental Lights

A UL listed and RoHS certified LED striplight with black PCB and black channel systems is designed to blend seamlessly into dark environments, especially in scenic and stage applications where hardware should disappear into the background. Available options include RGB 5-in-1, Tunable White, and PixelControl versions, as well as IP67 waterproof models.



EclExpo Flood150 Series, PROLIGHTS

The Ecl Expo Flood150 FC version uses an RGB + warm white calibrated LED for precise color control, while Flood150 VW offers a bicolor variable-white LED source with an adjustable CCT range. Both models can replace traditional small floodlights for tradeshows, theaters, or large workspaces. A robust die-cast housing, front tempered glass, and large, quiet fans ensure long-term reliability. (Distributed by A.C. Lighting)



Zonda 9 FX LED Fixture, Ayrton

The RGB+W LED fixture uses an optical system consisting of 37 PMMA lenses combined with 37 micro-optical light guides to produce up to 25,000 lm output with homogeneous color mixing and CRI up to 86. It can achieve a high-intensity beam with a 14:1 zoom ratio and zoom range from 4° to 56°. Individual control of each LED supports 3D volumetric effects.



Vista 3 Release 4 Live Media Control Software, Chroma-Q

The latest Vista 3 release version 4 lighting and media control software supports the Newtek NDI video protocol for pixel mapping and color control without third-party lighting data merges. Ableton Link support also enables Vista to synchronize chases and other dynamic effects regardless of the live performance tempo, without additional input from the console operator.



Galileo TX/RX Wireless DMX Controllers, LumenRadio

LumenRadio’s Galileo additions include TX and RX controllers that provide wireless DMX connectivity with error correction in fixed-installation entertainment projects. The 128-bit encrypted controllers can be placed in indoor or outdoor environments using DIN rail cabinet or IP-rated enclosures. Multiple Bluetooth-connected units can transmit several DMX universes, with both CRMX and W-DMX compatibility. (Distributed by A.C. Lighting)



ProjectionLens Accessory, Astera

ProjectionLens transforms the lightweight, portable PlutoFresnel light into a profile spotlight with a 16°–36° range, reducing the need for auxiliary equipment and expanding the versatility of the energy-efficient, wireless light. Projection zoom can be manually controlled by twisting the lens barrel or using two focus wheels. A four-leaf shutter design assists in beam trimming.


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