CRS Electronics claims record performance for LED MR16 replacement lamps

Feb. 18, 2009
The Welland, Ontario, company says the new light has 4x the efficiency of many halogen MR16 lamps.
CRS Electronics says it has received confirmation from LTL Testing Laboratory Inc., a US Department of Energy CALiPER-qualified facility, that the company's newest model LED MR16 product achieved a temperature stabilized light output of 325 lumens at a color temperature of 2850K.

The light also has a center beam candlepower of 1800, a color rendering index (CRI) of 88, and an efficiency of 53 lumens per watt - more than 4 times the efficiency of many halogen MR16 lamps, the company says.

The company - located in Welland, Ontario, Canada - says the new light has 4x the efficiency of many halogen MR16 lamps. is now accepting orders for the new product, with volume shipments expected to begin in March. Authorized agents have demonstration units available now. CRS says that property managers who were given a preview of the lights are already placing orders to retrofit their facilities.

CRS released its first LED MR16 lamp in 2008, replacing existing halogen MR16 lamps and reducing energy consumption by 75%. The first model has been used in elevators, hallways and restaurant settings.

In 2008, CRS Electronics completed a large LED residential lighting retrofit. All 44 floors of Toronto's waterfront Palace Pier condominium tower now feature the company's first model of LED MR16 lamps, with a 150 lumen output and a CRI of 96 as the primary light source for the corridors.