Lynk Labs enters LED device market with Tesla AC LEDs

July 31, 2008
Lynk Labs has formed a strategic partnership with Intematix to manufacture AC-driven LED packages.
Lynk Labs Inc., a leading developer of AC LED technology, is expanding its product offering and entering the LED device market with AC LED devices under the brand name Tesla AC LEDs.
Lynk Labs has partnered with Intematix Corp. to "chip-on-ceramic" packages and arrays (see Intematix introduces packaged LEDs and arrays).

The Tesla AC LED product line will combine Lynk Labs' newly-patented "hybrid AC LED" technology at the circuit and die level with Intematix' patented ceramic array packaging and phosphor technology, providing a totally integrated AC LED solution in a single SMT LED.

Lynk Labs has now established a strong demand for its AC LED technology and products with OEMs like Juno Lighting Group, Lucifer Lighting and others (see An alternate way of driving LEDs).

We're excited about partnering with Lynk to take the Tesla AC LED products to the general, specialty and architectural lighting markets," said Ilkan Cokgor, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Intematix.

Through this new offering, Lynk Labs and Intematix will combine technology, IP and know-how to deliver the Tesla AC LED devices to OEMs, integrators and end users through both organizations as well as strategic distribution channels. The Tesla AC LEDs will provide all the benefits of Lynk Labs AC LED technology integrated within a variety of SMT packages.

"OEMs, integrators and end users will now have access to Lynk Labs AC LED technology in the most simplified LED device design solution available for the general lighting market. This is essentially a 12VAC light bulb in an SMT LED package," said Bob Kottritsch, VP of Marketing & Product Development at Lynk Labs.

The Tesla LEDs are designed to enable lighting OEMs to develop end products faster and in more infrastructure-friendly solutions for the lighting market. The Tesla AC LEDs can be easily scaled in 12VAC increments and designed into 12VAC-240VAC lighting applications.

The first Tesla package is a 6.5mm x 6.5mm 1.2 Watt package. Engineering samples will be available late August 2008 with volume production starting in September of 2008. Tesla will be available in CCT’s of 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000, 6300K with a standard CRI of 75 and High CRI in all CCT’s for special orders.