Lutron relies on Xicato module in new recessed LED fixture family

Dec. 11, 2013
The Finiré fixture family from Lutron's Ivalo collection now includes a recessed luminaire based on Xicato modular LED light engines that allow Lutron to supply the same basic fixture with a range of CRI options.

Lutron has announced additions to the Finiré LED-based recessed lighting family that relies on modular solid-state light (SSL) engines from Xicato. The modular approach enables Lutron to easily customize the basic fixture design, installing a light engine with the specified CCT and CRI characteristics while relying on Xicato's five-year warranty covering lumen and color maintenance. For more information on the modular approach, see our recent feature on modular light engines.

The new downlights with a 4-in. aperture are available with optic options that can deliver spot to flood lighting with beam spreads that span 20–50°C. Lutron supplies the fixtures with its Hi-lume A-series drivers that can dim down to 1%. Specifiers can buy the products with support for legacy phase-cut dimming control or with support for Lutron's Ecosystem family of adaptive control and network technologies.

For now, Lutron is offering the fixture in 15W, 22W, and 34W versions; a choice of 2700K, 3000K, and 3500K CCTs; and a choice of 83 or 95 CRI. The 22W version with 83 CRI delivers 1000 lm. The 95 CRI version drops that number to 700 lm.

Xicato has long touted the color-consistency it offers in modules that are based on remote-phosphor technology. The separation of the phosphor from the heat generated by the blue-pump LEDs means that the phosphor stays cooler and doesn't degrade over time. Indeed, Xicato sometime refers to the technology as cold phosphor.

The modules are rated for what Xicato calls 1×2-step color consistency over 50,000 hours of life. The spec means that the color is within a 1-step MacADAM ellipse on the vertical axis of the standard color space diagram and within a 2-step MacAdam ellipse on the horizontal axis. Back in February, Xicato announced that they were backing the color consistency with a five-year warranty with underwriter Munich Re backing the warranty.

"We are committed to helping people make the transition to LEDs as simple and problem-free as possible by providing exceptional dimming capability and LED quality," said Lanell Gray , business product manager at Lutron. "Including Xicato LED modules in the Finiré collection provides our customers with a high-quality LED experience, solid dimming performance, and ensured compatibility with Lutron controls."

There is certainly no reason that Lutron can't further expand the options in the Finiré family. The standard Xicato modules offer an 83 CRI. The 95-CRI option is available in the Xicato Artist series. The company also announced the Vibrant series of modules in the same form factor that does not feature a high CRI but delivers deeper, more saturated colors. The performance of the Vibrant series is based on the Gamut Area Index (GAI) metric for color quality developed by the Lighting Research Center.

The Finiré family of fixtures start at $490. The 6.4-in. high design can be used in residential or commercial applications and the airtight housing meet the Chicago Plenum requirements restricting airflow.