Everlight announces 1W white LED, adds to IR and HIR LED families

The XI3535 LED in a low-cost plastic package targets general-illumination SSL applications, while Everlight also announces new IR products for remote controls and touch screens.

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Everlight Electronics has announced the XI3535 1W white LED targeting omni-directional retrofit lamps, directional lighting, and other residential solid-state lighting (SSL) products. The 940-nm IR26-71C/61C LEDs target remote control applications and the 850-nm HIR83, HIR89, and HIR91 LEDs target proximity-sensing applications such as touch screens.

The new white LEDs are available across a CCT range from 2700K to 6500K. Everlight offers CRI greater than 80 for the entire family. The top-view LEDs have a 115° beam pattern.

Everlight 061013

Flux output is 105–100 lm for cool and warm white LEDs, respectively, at 350 mA of drive current. The efficacy ranges from 109–115 lm/W. The single-emitter LEDs have a nominal forward voltage of 3V. Everlight also offers two-emitter packages that operate from 6V and 150 mA of drive current.


The infrared (IR) LEDs include the HIR83, HIR89, and HIR91 that Everlight refers to as high-efficiency infrared (HIR), and the lower-power IR26-71C/61C, and in both bands you have the option of top- or side-view models.

Offering a viewing angle of 30°, the top-view HIR89-01C produces 55 mW/sr of power at 70 mA of drive current. The top-view HIR91-01C/L297 delivers 40 mW/sr at 70 mA, and a beam angle of 40°. For side-view applications, the HIR83-01B offers an asymmetric pattern 100°×40° for applications such as touch screens and outputs 5 mW/sr at 20 mA.

The side-view IR26-71C and top-view IR26-61C are low profile LEDs that measure 1.2-mm high. The former has a 50° beam angle, and the latter a 20° beam angle. The LEDs output 8 mW/sr at 20 MA.

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