GE Lighting expands the LED Infusion module family (Updated)

Sept. 25, 2013
Third-generation LED modules provide a broader range of lumen output and beam-spread options for developers looking to jumpstart solid-state lighting (SSL) product designs.

GE Lighting has announced the Gen3 family of its Infusion LED modules that include Infusion Spot Light Module, the Infusion Down Light Module, (DLM) and the Infusion Narrow Punch Module (NPM). The third-generation family offers improved efficacy and a broader choice of lumen packages and beam spreads relative to Gen2 products.

"As LED technology continues to advance, the Infusion LED Module accommodates future generations through its interchangeable, Zhaga-compliant mounting socket — making installation, servicing, and upgrades nearly hassle-free," said John Koster, product manager of LED modules for GE Lighting. "Engineered with a simple twist-fit installation process, users have the ultimate flexibility to alternate beam angles or light packages to suit changing requirements. They are easily upgradeable to allow direct replacement as efficiencies improve, without the need to change lighting fixtures."

Although GE Lighting specifically mentioned compatibility with the Zhaga socket in its announcement, the company doesn't have any modules formally listed on the Zhaga Consortium certified products list that is posted on the organization's website. When asked about Zhaga certification, the company said that the complexity of the twist/lock interconnect had complicated testing, but that the module should be formally certified in October. GE was one of several companies that first announced Zhaga-compliant modules at the Light+Building conference in April 2012, but that was before compliance testing began.

The Gen3 module family includes models ranging from 850–4500 lm, with that entire range available in the Spot Light Module family. The products are offered optionally with a CRI greater than 90 to support demanding retail and hospitality applications

The DLM family is available in 1000–4000-lm versions with a CRI above 90. Efficacy on the new products hits 80 lm/W across the range from 2700K to 4000K CCTs. The NPM family includes fewer options with flux ranging from 1100–1500 lm, and CRI ranging from 80–87.

GE Lighting said that the company is now offering module-to-module color consistency within a 2-step MacAdam ellipse. Such consistency is critical for lighting manufacturers that need to ensure the consistency of their end products sold over time.

All of the Infusion modules are targeted for use in mounting options such as track heads or recessed cans. GE Lighting originally acquired the module technology from Journée Lighting back in 2009. Back in March Journée announced its latest Zinnia track head that integrates the Infusion module. And subsequently that product was recognized as a winner in the US Department of Energy Next Generation Luminaires award program.