CIE Midterm meeting discusses LED developments

May 23, 2005
The recent CIE midterm meeting discussed LED developments, while Radiant Imaging is offering a free software tool for colorimetry and photometry.
The CIE midterm meeting was held May 12-17 in Leon, Spain, reports Hugh Barton. Representatives from all over the world attended a series of administrative and technical meetings, followed by a conference in which presentations were made on a variety of subjects including: - emerging LED applications - measurement and calibration methods - colour rendering of white LED sources.

During the technical part of the meetings, CIE Division 2's existing technical committee progressed the subject of optical measurement of LED clusters, and Division 1 began to draw up the terms of reference for conspicuity models of flashing lights.

Within CIE Division 4 (Lighting for Signaling and Transport), a new technical committee in is the process of being assembled – this will address the "Use of LEDs in Visual Signaling". For further details, contact Hugh Barton ([email protected]), recent UK representative for Division 4.

In a related development in the UK, the LED Clusters FIG hosted by the National Physical Laboratory at Teddington is due to hold a half-day seminar as part of the ORM Club Annual Meeting on June28-29.

Radiant Imaging offers free software tool for colorimetry and photometry

Color Calculator The Color Calculator 1.0 is a free software utility from Radiant Imaging that performs a variety of colorimetric and photometric calculations and conversions. The Color Calculator provides a simple means to plot data points on a CIE Chromaticity Chart, can be used to calculate the color difference between two points on the CIE Chart, and graphs Spectral Power Distribution for a source.

Color Calculator also transforms data between various color models, such as CIE xy, uv and u'v', and converts between most common illuminance and luminance units. The software even contains mathematical definitions for important photometric quantities, such as luminance, illuminance, luminous flux and luminous intensity.

Color Calculator 1.0 will be helpful to anyone who measures or calibrates color, or who uses a printed CIE Chromaticity Chart, especially for applications in displays and lighting. The program can be downloaded from the Radiant Imaging, Inc. website or obtained on CD by calling the company at +1 425-844-0152. Color Calculator is compatible with Windows 98/XP/NT/2000.